Last Day in Sydney

After nice 9 day trip to Australia, this is the last night in Sydney. The last night. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane – all these nice cities is stored in my memory. We also visited many small villages, and towns, along the Great Ocean Road, in the Blue Mountains, near the Suffers Paradise… I even tried to drive the left-going car for one day to the Hunter Valley on National Highway No. 1.

Tomorrow I need to say goodbye to these nice cities, this nice country, nice continent and even the south hemisphere. Also, need to say good bye to the lovely Koala, and Kangaro. I love these lovely animal so much.

I will post more pictures on this blog later when I am back to Shanghai. It takes some time to choose the best pictures out of the 2000 pictures I took in the 10 days.

The Art of Travel

As Alan de Botton put it in the Art of Travel, the true meaning of travel is sensation. People are much more sensitive to the world around them when they travel.

It is a great experience for me. The major benifit is to enable me to see the world from a new and different angle. The goal of my journey in the world is to enable me to understand the humanity, the nature, the business better.

The right is no long the right;

the expensive is no longer the expensive;

the common is no longer common.

It enables us to jump out of our daily life for a moment, view it from a remote and new land, and understand it better. Then I believe I can get back to the life with more joy, and more confidence.

Sample Photos

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang. 2006.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang. 2006.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang. 2006.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang. 2006.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang. 2006.

5 thoughts on “Last Day in Sydney

  1. Warmest Greetings Jian Shuo Wang

    I wish to visit China to learn more about the people and the Aincent and new China,

    Can you help me,

    I must have a place to stay for at least 1 month while I travel around your country,

    I have so many questioms but i dont want to waist your time,

    thank you

    Suleiman 412 773 2746

  2. suleiman, welcome to my blog. I am afraid I cannot help you to find a place to stay for one month (this particular request), but what I can do is to answer some questions people have when they travel in China (especially I still have two days in my vacation. BTW, China is large, and you may need to travel from city to city, instead of just staying in one place for one month.

  3. I almost can’t believe that these views are really taken by you. They are wonderful! Have you adjusted the pics with PhotoShop? They look extremly bright and clean.

  4. David, the photos are just out of Nikon D50, without Photoshop or any other changes. Part of the reason is because of the camera, and the more important reason is the very nice sunshine in Sydney.

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