Centuary Ave Station Opens on Oct 28

Shanghai Metro Centuary Ave Station will reopen on October 28, 2006. It was named Dong Fang Road Station before, and is the transition station for Metro Line #2 (already in operation), #4 (already in operation), #6 (will be completed soon) and #9.

The 4 lines will be arranged on three layers.

This is the first 4 line hub for Shanghai Metro. In 2010, there are other 15 3-line hubs in Shanghai Metro. I am an engering kind of person, and I will do some research to find out how the lines get connected together.

The station was closed about one year ago. It is nice that it finally completes. I am eager to go and have a look on the day it opens.

Here is a diagram I draw according to the text description of news report. It shows how the four lines transit with each other. Please note: This is just my own imagination, and may be totally wrong.


© Jian Shuo Wang

Future of Shanghai Metro

Now, there are 168 metro stations under construction concurrently in Shanghai, and there will be 300 metro stations in Shanghai. When I arrived in Shanghai 10 years ago, there were only 12. The subway lines will extend from 100+ km to around 400 km. In 2010, in urban area of Shanghai, on average there will be metro station within 600 meters of walking distance.

Then the density of Metro station will be the same as Tokyo and Paris.

Map of the Centuary Ave Station

8 thoughts on “Centuary Ave Station Opens on Oct 28

  1. Still no comments?

    I’ll say something. There were no metro stations at all when I left Shanghai 16 years ago.


  2. Are you going to write something about the 23 dead on the Maglev in Germany (test run)? According to the news here, there was a fire on the one in Shangai a month ago! News to me. I’m sure it is still safer then driving. But not THAT much saffer.

  3. good news.. lets hope the new metro/subway that bring in Jin Qiao will open soon so will reduce definitely the traffic on Yang Gao Lu.

  4. What are they building at the corner of Yang Gao Raod and Meng Sheng Road… looks like a subway station – but no lines will pass there in the current plans ??

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