I Love to Invite Friends to my Home

Sunday, I was happy to invite friends to my home in Pudnog for dinner. It was great experience to have my friends around the shining dining room. It is also a good incentive for me to clean up the rooms and garden, to prepare for the home visit.

Shanghai is too large, and my home is just too far. It is not very convenient for people to be there – especially for my friends in Puxi and my friends who don’t have a car.

After one day of housework, I’d say, I love my home so much. No where in the world is as good as home. No where. I confirm that.

I setup the Sun umbrella in the garden, and lay out my sun chairs. It is a nice setting even for a bar, or restaurant, but there is not so many people visiting. I feel excited when people came and can enjoy my “garden bar” in the garden. The mosquito is a problem though. I am thinking of the anti-mosquito lights to kill them – the light with blue bulb and high-voltage lines around the bulb. The best decision I made was to have a power outlet in the garden, so make the installation of the anti-mosquito equiptment possible.

The glasses I bought from IKEA on Friday were fully levarged. I like the IKEA glass designed by IKEA – I saw the glasses in Qingdao (where IKEA don’t have a store).


Image in courtesy of IKEA

We also enjoyed good wine brought by Chen, with our SVALKA wine glasses.


Image in courtesy of IKEA

Life is beautiful, isn’t it?

24 thoughts on “I Love to Invite Friends to my Home

  1. JS,

    Will be traveling within Xinjiang for 3 weeks in October,any particular Chinese labeled grape wine that worth trying? would you also be so kind to advice what an electrictal wall AC outlet like in China; meaning does the plug need to have legs that are round, flat, flat at an angle? Also looking forward to be in Shanghai; hairy crab yum yum!

  2. Mosquito zapper is definitely a MUST HAVE to be able to enjoy your yard fully in the summer months but don’t forget the outdoor hearter, an outdoor heater will allows you to extend your yard use from spring till winter. Do give it some thought!

  3. yes,the feeling is fantastic inside when just looking around after ordering the rooms.that is home,home,home,sweet home!

  4. yeah,I wish I had an apartment of my own after the graduation .And invist some friends to like u to my home,enjoy the whole day,then sleep in disoder on my huge bed.

  5. Hey ya,

    I stumbled across your *Blog* when I was searching for an answer to ‘Can I use Hotmail in China? I did read various entries and would like to comment how fantastic and extremely cosmopolitan Shanghai sounds. The reason for the Hotmail question is that I am taking a gap year to China in October. I am very excited but also nervous, even more so by the prospect of not being able to contact home. Any advice by community members would be much appreciated!

    Enjoy the wonders of flat pack IKEA, the student’s saviour to style!

  6. So,where are staying recently? You buy a new apartment in Pudong now? I remember that your house is at waltze garden at Xujiahui last time. I don’t know whether it is true, many ppl still like to live in Puxi instead of Pudong, unless the working place is also in Pudong area, they will consider to buy a house nearby as it may save much times on transportation.

  7. Hiya,

    looking for help please and found your Blog great.

    next week i arrive at Pudong airport at 16.25 and need to travel to the Shanghai Pacific Hotel,108 Nanjing Road W,SHANGHAI CN, 200003.

    Which Bus do i need ?? and where do I get off ??

    Many many thanks,

    mandi x

  8. Hi, Mandi,

    If you do not want to take TAXI directly, just take airport line 2, and get off at Shanghai Hangzhan Lou station(should be the last station), then take a taxi to your hotel. Total charge will be around RMB30.

    It’s not a good choice if you have a lot of luggages, hehe.


  9. Home Sweet Home! In our busy lives we don’t spend enough time appreciating our home. Did you and Wendy cook? Ordering in is a good way and you can enjoy time with your guests instead of laboring in the kitchen.

  10. Just be curious. Where is your home (you don’t have to be exact) in Pudong? Near Zhangjiang?

    I am thinking about buying an apartment in Shanghai but the price is too high for me.

  11. Hi guys!I’m an italian australian easy going girl moving to Shanghai in 2 weeks!!!I’ll attend SISU university just for a while..i wanna learn chinese!!,-) So you have any advice for me? Are you guys free to meet somewhere for a drink sometimes?;-) Cheers

  12. Hi

    I visited china 3 times for business and will be visiting regularly. Now i know very few chinese words. I want to learn chinese language through english. Can you recommend me a website where i can study chinese language? Or you can recommend me any other source.

    Xie Xie

  13. You may want to try to have a language exchange partner in China. Check out thi page.


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