Decathlon Store Locations in Shanghai

There are 5 Decathlon Stores in Shanghai. I got their store card in the Jinqiao Store the other day. They have locations for all their 5 stores. Here are the locations:

Decathlon, Huamu Store
by Jian Shuo Wang to decathlon
Decathlon, Changning Store
by Jian Shuo Wang to decathlon
Decathlon, Jinqiao Store
by Jian Shuo Wang to decathlon
Decathlon, Xinzhuang Store (Approximate)
by Jian Shuo Wang to decathlon
Decathlon, Putuo Store
by Jian Shuo Wang to decathlon

Decathlon, Huamu Store

Decathlon, Changning Store

Decathlon, Jinqiao Store

Decathlon, Xinzhuang Store (Approximate)

Decathlon, Putuo Store

Enjoy sports then!

17 thoughts on “Decathlon Store Locations in Shanghai

  1. Mr. Wang,

    As recommanded, I went and have a look at the store web page, the stuff are really resonalbe which is not a possiable price at home. Now, how well priced for the regular non-asvertised goods in store? is it only the few blue product goods that have great prices and is it a multi-floor sporting goods store? Looking forward for the treasure hunt when I am in town.

  2. Well, u r a good Shanghai guide. However, it does not seem u a sports fan after my followup in the BLOG for a few months.

    I love ur BLOG, and wish u could do more sports and share ur experience with us!

  3. Hi Shanghai guide,

    do you by any chance know a reasonable store for fishing equipment such as rod’s and reels?

    Any information would be highly appreciated.



  4. Do u noe any tennis shops in shanghai that sells Prince racquets? I need 3 new racquets…

  5. @alexander Song,

    Most of the tennis shops are hidden in large shopping malls – like Grand Gateway in Xujiahui, or Raffles in People’s square. I don’t remember any specialized shop for tennis for now.

  6. hi shanghai guide

    I looking for hiking or mountaineering equipment store in shanghai & I visited decathlon store in nearby maglev station . but i looking another store in central shanghai

  7. Shanghai guide.

    I’ve been pestering my coworker to find some fishing tackle in shanghai but to no avail.

    Perhaps you know of a store with a wide assortment of fishing tackle.



  8. Does Decathlon sell bicycle trainers for the winter time?

    And does it have hanging pull-up bars?

    Is there one near Hungpu?



  9. Jin Sha Jiang Road, In the Putuo District has a tackle street littered with tackle shops. Fair Dinkum too.

    2317 Jin Sha Jiang Road onwards…. probably like 20 shops there and round the bend too, there are like 3 shops there.

  10. Hi Shanghai guide!

    Does Decathlon sell fishing equipment?

    Wich Decathlon store closer to wujiaochang?

  11. Which Decathlon store is nearest to JingAn Temple? And, what subway line and station is best to use to get there?


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