Who is Chinabounder

From today, a new name appeared in my search engine referrer log: ChinaBounder. This seems to be a hot term on the Internet today. I didn’t take close look at what the blog is about. Very briefly, I know this is a misbehaved British person in Shanghai, and made people angry by showing off his sex experience with Shanghai girls. A professor in China called for a “Hunt for ChinaBounder” and the goal of the mission is to find out this guy and get him out of China.

Recently, how foreigners should behave in China is a raising issue. During my conversation with people coming to Shanghai from other countries, I found many of them are very nice, wise, smart, and respectful, but I did meet some guys who behaves really bad in the “new land” (in their term). ChinaBounder is an English teacher in Shanghai. The debate put the role of “Foreigners as a English Teacher in China” into the center of the controversy. I don’t want to comment specifically on the ChinaBounder’s issue before I really have time to read about it. But I believe it is a very meaningful subject to explorer later.

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ChinaBounder left two comments on my blog, and that is the reason I know people are searching for this keywords these days.

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  1. if I happen to run into ChinaBounder, I’ll let you know.

    are you sure that’s how he spells his name and not ChinaPounder? he’s reportedly pounding all those Chinese girls in Shanghai

    I find it hard to believe that many Shanghai girls would be interested in such a guy.

  2. People acting like this is news to them.

    So what if this English teacher were kicked out of China, then people would think it wouldn’t happen again? Or what if he hadn’t put his stories on the Web, then people would think this sort of things never existed? How naive!!

    We all know it take two willing body to do the act.

    My advice to the English teacher(s) is keep it low profile and having fun while you can. May advice to the Chinese girl(s) is respect yourself; or else we have a name for you – Slut or cheap Slut.

  3. I am sure it won’t be long until there is a BritBounder making movies for sale in China of his adventures in England. But China needs to realize that Mao had the right idea with some of his cultural revolution ideas. China does not want to be addicted to western Opium again. And the best advice is for the men in China to look at their own selves rather than name calling the women (seriously, if the promiscuity were not rewarded financially by local men first, these girls wouldn’t act that way). And the women need to look at themselves rather than blame the local men. Unless both sides take resopnsibility for their own lack of morals; the whole country is one great big ripe target for destabilization through decadence. The U.S. and Britain have had a few hundred years of practice learning how to deal with drugs and sex, and we still aren’t very good at it. When countries like Russia and China come out from under strict authoritarian rule, they really don’t know how to behave with all the new liberty. Better be careful or you end up like Russia with declining population due to HIV and Heroin.

  4. English moby dick is invincible??????!

    What if the English teacher happens to be a female and had numerous love affairs with Shanghaiese men, do you think the Shanghai professor will act otherwise?

    Looks to me is the Chinese ideology is being challenged by the people within China.

    I recall 25 years ago, an attache at French Ambassy in Beijing had a Chinese woman living in his foreigners’ compound, the Chinese police arrested the woman for ‘indecency’, thus touch off an international incident. Eventually the attache and his Chinese girl left for France.

    If Shanghai cannot judge this matter from an international standpoint, then rest the world will look at this as a laughing stock.

  5. it is easy to legislate morals but it’s a whole different thing to try to enforce them. There will always be cheap guys and, yes, also cheap girls.

  6. despite that this nicnamed “ChinaPounder”, is a “sex-brain-damaged” person, i remember another bigger hunt over the internet that costed the ruin of life of 2 persons…

    sometime tiem a go ( some1 else will confirm the dates) i red that in shanghai itnernts blogs an sad husband complained about his wife adultery getting pissed off badly to the lvoer of her… from there millions start to try to find out who the poor guy ( who was in love witht he lady was), then he start to get agry emnail by 1000s… scary phone calles etc etc… then he has to quit his job or somethign like that…

    it was outrageous as the MOB, who woke up in a new wave of moralism, seem to look back at the middle age hunt for the witches…. come on guys.. get a life !

    we all know that there is people who like anbd enjoy sex, love, romance or whatever..

    in every society and culture there is adultery….. in every society or culture there is sex-brain-damaged persons same this chianbounder.. so what.. who are we to hunt for him ?????? are we the sheriff of society or culture ???

    guys get a life .. and let this china bouder perish by himself…

    as well it may be that this british or what.. fellow is a simple lvoer of the “infamous” barber shops that are spread around SH or Ch as ants… so actually what he does.. he just spend over all his income in paid 5 minute quick cheap and unhealthy sex.. again so what ? he happy ? fine let him be happy for his stupidity… again no one has the right to hunt him, no one…. this is a concept of freedom….

  7. Stephen: Did you know that the person with the French attache turned out to be a male? The story provided the background for the show “M Butterfly”. Also there is a Chinabounderess already.

    Jian shou: It is confusing how “foreigner” is defined. White people only? Where do people from Latin America, Africa and other Asian countries fall into? What about chinese who are not born in China? Are they Chinabounders, or Turtles (hai gui, not bai gui or lao wai)?

  8. Ali, The French diplomat had his story written as “Madam Butterfly” is Rene Gallimard which happened in Beijing 40 years ago, Hollywood had made a movie out of this story as well. Looks like we crossed each other on this French affair.

  9. Chinabounder described his silky seduction skills very graphic, as if we are watching a prono.

    If he is a Scot then he must be a Roman Catholic scumbag, they are bunch of disgraced m*********s in UK.

  10. Why don’t Chinese people get angry at Chinese people who act this way? Why angry just because China Bounder is a foreigner?

  11. Chinabounder is Scot. I know it. He do me in Shenyang, then come to other city to do the same. I think English is all gentlemen, much better than Scot. Scot men all drunken whoremeister. Scot men no education and do thing like write evil sex story on web.

    He small and apish and name is Mick. He touch me in class, at beginning I think okay you can touch, but after he get drunk and start undress me. I feel hot , but not like to be with this ape-man. Then he ask other student to join us three persons.

    We do this but then he sleep, drunken ape, and after wake up and try to steal our money!!!!

    But English guy is very nice. Englishman is all gentleman. Next time if Englishman ask to touch I think I will accept and then maybe very romantic.

    English guy also much cleaner than Scot. Scot all dirty drunk and ape-like. I say China girl must never never be with Scot together – they aRE woRST!!!

  12. jerry,

    I aggree to an extent with you.. This is just some one blogging about his sex life with Shanghai girls.. Sure.. if he gets in trouble for such a thing then good on him.. He knows what he is doing, and it serves him right if he gets caught/exposed some how.. .. it’s just his ego that is playing on him.. he probably thinks he is real cool for paying for hookers and blogging about it like he is hot stuff.. lol. Any gweilo can do that.. He probably enjoys all the controversy about his site and doings.. again.. some media attention hog with a big ego… get a life.. who does he think he is.. I’m sure he will get into trouble being in China, being a teacher, and being an idiot… who knows.. All I know is that it’s not worth wasting time talking about such a loser.. (it only makes him *think* he is famous.. :D)

  13. New Zealand jeffrey (why say NZ when you’re clearly chinese?) i bet you get REEEEAAALLY pissed off when you see a white guy with a chinese girl. China really needs it’s own version of the Klu Klux Klan so losers like Jeff can vent their impotent rage on the world with a group of hooded friends. You guys could burn hammers and sickles instead of crosses, yay!

  14. I’m not going to get into the debate if Chinabounder is a real person or not.

    After reading about the reactions of the locals (re: Chinabounder) I’ve come to realize that the Chinese have a mob mentality built into them. It doesn’t matter what happens here, people tend to follow the herd. It is kind of like public protests aka mass incidents (in China): people join them not for the cause, but just to feel included. If the Chinese want to become a mature society and one with political freedoms, they need to learn to think for themselves instead of jumping on the bandwagon.

    My parents are from Han ancestry. I used to refer to myself as Chinese before moving here many years ago. I now refuse to admit that I am Chinese because my beliefs and values contradict everything the Chinese believe in (I’ve also never held a Chinese passport since there are many ethnic groups that are Chinese). It’s too bad that the only thing good about this country is the hardware (buildings, roads, restaurants, retail stores, etc) as the software (attitude and values of the locals, customer service, etc) will never really change.

  15. Morally, China Has Never ‘Leaped Forward’

    534 words

    5 September 2006

    The Wall Street Journal



    (Copyright (c) 2006, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.)

    We see a modern version of Les Miserables when we read Chen Guangcheng’s story (“China’s Great Leap Backward,” Review & Outlook, Aug. 29). But the grossest of China’s human-rights abuses extends across international borders to Taiwan, yet remains largely unseen, whether unintentionally or deliberately.

    For decades, China has forced part of the international community to recognize a debatable concept called “One China,” resulting in the diplomatic suffocation of the 23 million Taiwanese and greatly impeding their ability to contribute to global affairs. The consequences are not confined to the Taiwanese being deprived of their basic human rights, but also extend to other parts of the world. For instance, tens of millions dollars of aid Taiwan intended for tsunami and Kosovo refugees were declined by the United Nations and its agencies.

    The regime in Beijing further intimidates the Taiwanese by deploying 800-plus ballistic missiles right across the Taiwan Strait, which is just 100 miles wide. Once launched, these missiles will leave hardly any time for the millions in Taiwan to seek shelter, particularly since Taiwan is the world’s second most densely populated nation.

    Given that the U.N.’s General Assembly will convene in two weeks, China’s inhumane behavior towards the Taiwanese and its threat to the peace of the Western Pacific area deserve a thorough debate and proper actions.

  16. To: Chinese Looking Foreigner

    Not only the hardware but also the software is getting better…..Whatever you are, blinds…exactly not, actually lacking-of-brains like you, can’t see the development, the normals won’t care at all!

  17. Well, I do agree that his Englishman’s behavior is quite despicable. Not only he fuckkiss-and-telled, he is also apparently treating these women nothing more than his sexual objects.

    However, is Prof. Zhang so angry because this Englishman intentionally or unintentionally exposed to the world something we Chinese are not too proud of – that many Chinese women fall so easily for big nose and green eyes. If you’ve ever been a college student in China, you must have heard of stories about girls got knocked up by some exchange student on campus. What’s the big deal? With so many foreigners coming to work in Chinese these days, we are bound to see more guys like him. It’s a numbers game. Had this guy been a Chinese dude, he would just be another person parents warm their daughters to stay away from.

    Much to my disappointment, the majority of the Chinese quickly presumed that all the women are the victims in their relationship with this blogger. Yet, nothing in the blog suggests that these women are looking for long-term relationship with this person. In one account, the blogger said that he was dumped by one of the girls. I wonder when the country can start treating their adult females as intellectually mature persons who are fully capable of making their own decisions as to whose bed they want to get in. Maybe Chinese needs more dozes of Muzi Mei (木子美) to help them to wake up.

    When it comes to interracial relationship, it’s easy to get some nationalism emotion mixed in. I still remember this one particular scene in movie “Nanjing 1937” (南京大屠杀). The lead character is a teacher who married a Japanese woman. They ran into a group of Japanese soldiers when we were trying to flee Nangjing after the city was lost to the Japanese troop. These Japanese soldiers wanted to kill him (not that they needed any reason) because he has a Japanese wife. Do we see any similarity here? Has Prof. Zhang gone too far?


  18. I am bemused by the upset the chinabounder story has caused, the good people of Shanghai should look first to their minority of cheap low moral girls.

    If i walk 5 mins from the highland sofitel hotel on the nan jing road to the middle henan rd metro station , i am on average offered sex 5 times, sometimes free!

    How would chinese men behave in London if they were faced with girls of such low morals??????????

    Don’t criticise the Westerner and say he is a playboy, it is SHanghai who gives him the opportunity to be a playboy!!

    It cannot happen in an English City.

    Therefore I raise the argument that the whole issue of the Chinabounder and Western PlayBoys is the fault of Shanghai girls. And the Chinabounder is just exploiting your own weaknesses in your society.

  19. Please remember, this is written by your “brother” in China. The Chinese DO have mob mentality…

    Chinese Log On for Retribution

    The cyber court of public opinion proves powerful, but its verdicts aren’t always just.

    By Ching-Ching Ni, Times Staff Writer

    September 5, 2006

    BEIJING – A woman in a leopard-print halter top cuddles a kitten. She puts the little gray tabby on the ground. She lifts her foot and grinds the heel of her sparkly stiletto shoe into the terrified animal’s eye and crushes its head. Her work done, she gazes into the distance smiling.

    The video images set the Internet on fire in China. Instead of just airing their outrage online, Web users decided to hunt down the kitten killer.

    But how do you find a nameless woman in a country of 1.3 billion? Easily. Create a most-wanted poster and distribute it in cyberspace.

    Within five days, Internet users around the country had tracked down the location of the crime scene: a park in the northern province of Heilongjiang. They found the name and occupation of the stiletto-wearing woman – she was a nurse – as well as her videographer, a man who worked at a local radio and television bureau.

    Then they splattered the pair’s personal information on the Internet, including home addresses, e-mails, phone and identity card numbers, free for anyone to use and abuse.

    The case attracted so much publicity that local Communist Party officials quickly followed up with their own investigation. Soon after, both the man and woman lost their jobs and were forced to issue a public apology. That is considered strong action against the perpetrators, because there is no law in China against the abuse of domestic animals and the two can’t be charged with a crime.

    In a society where judicial corruption is rampant and ordinary people have few protections in the court of law, an increasing number of Chinese citizens are turning to the Internet to fill in society’s perceived legal and moral blind spots.

    That often means taking matters into their own hands by harnessing the power of technology and then leaping beyond cyberspace to play judge and jury.

    “In other societies you can turn to the media or the legal system, but in China, neither is credible,” said Xiao Qiang, director of the Berkeley China Internet Project at UC Berkeley. “People don’t trust the government. They don’t have anywhere else to turn, so they go to the Internet.”

    Although Beijing frequently cracks down on cyberspace activity, censoring search engines such as Google and filtering information, the Internet remains one of the freest platforms on which Chinese citizens can communicate and bond.

    The rising popularity of Web justice, sometimes referred to as Internet hunting, is relatively new, but it has the potential to threaten the absolute control of the Communist Party. Digital communities are springing up without the consent of the authorities – and are even forcing officialdom and society to take small steps in their direction.

    As empowering as it seems, vigilantism in any form is imperfect. And unlike the kitten killer story, the outcome of the online hunting game is not always clear-cut.

    Last winter, college student Chen Yi posted a startling online message. Her mother desperately needed money for a liver transplant. She was willing to sell herself – she was vague about what that entailed – to the highest bidder to save her mother’s life.

    Immediately, donations poured in from around the country, no strings attached. Even some in the overseas Chinese community pitched in to contribute a total of about $12,500 to the student’s personal account.

    Then what seemed like a great humanitarian project began to unravel.

    Someone with the online name “Blue Lover” claiming to be Chen’s classmate, posted personal details about Chen’s life that cast doubt over her story. Chen, the posting said, wore expensive clothes and used a fancy cellphone. Did she really need the money?

    Not knowing whom to believe, a Netizen called Sun Guoyu launched his own investigation.

    According to his findings, Chen’s parents were government employees with a low but steady income. Although their health insurance didn’t cover all expenses, Sun concluded that the family was not nearly as poor as many others in similar situations. He even questioned whether the mother’s operation was necessary.

    Within a month of his postings, Chen’s mother died and Internet sentiment ricocheted against Sun. Web users began saying his skepticism had helped take the woman’s life.

    “I’ve received a lot of unfair attacks,” Sun said in a telephone interview. “I feel bad for her. But she did not disclose important financial information to the public. I am more than willing to help people in need. But people who donate money have the right to know the truth.”

    Such murky outcomes are not uncommon in the witch-hunt world of the Internet in China.

    “Web freedom is a very new freedom, and new freedom should come with new responsibilities,” said Xiao of Berkeley. “Unfortunately, that process has not been established yet. When anybody can attack anyone else, the Internet is sometimes a mess. It’s not always good for justice or truth.”

    One of the best-known cases this year involved a man who called himself Iron Mustache online. He has been bombarded with harassing e-mails and phone calls, including death threats.

    What did he do to deserve this? Adultery, according to Sharp Blade, the Web name of his allegedly cuckolded accuser.

    Iron Mustache and Sharp Blade’s wife supposedly met through their mutual love for the online game World of Warcraft. When her husband discovered their e-mail exchanges, he began denouncing the alleged affair on a popular Internet bulletin board.

    But even Sharp Blade did not expect the avalanche of responses offering to help him track down Iron Mustache, expel him from school and prevent him from ever getting a job.

    Despite Iron Mustache’s repeated denial of any affair, nobody believed him, nor did anyone demand any evidence that any impropriety actually took place.

    “It’s true, people who participate in these Web-hunting cases do not always behave rationally – they tend to act as a group and they don’t have access to complete information,” said Li Jianqiang, a lawyer based in Shandong province. “But these Web users have a right to speak their minds. Trying to stifle them would make things even worse.”

    If it were not for widespread support from the Internet, even partial justice in many cases would be impossible, said Li, who represents the parents of a 21-year-old found naked and dead in her dormitory in 2003.

    The family of Huang Jing believed that her well-connected boyfriend, Jiang Junwu, was guilty of rape and murder. Jiang said Huang had been sick and died of natural causes; authorities believed him and didn’t open an investigation.

    According to Li, the local police refused to even look into the case. Then the Web hunters stepped in.

    They created an online memorial hall to mourn the victim, set up a national donation campaign to preserve her body for future investigations, and started a petition drive calling on the central government to investigate and fire corrupt cops.

    Tens of thousands of Web users are said to have followed the case on the Internet, most of them sympathetic to the dead woman. Her boyfriend bore the brunt of attacks, which his family said was unfair because he was innocent.

    Finally, officials arrested Jiang and began an investigation. In July, three years after Huang died, a verdict was delivered: not guilty. The court, however, also ordered Jiang to pay the parents of the dead woman about $75,000 in civil damages.

    “Even though the outcome of the case is not ideal, the Internet still played a very important role,” said Li, the lawyer. “Without the outcry from the Internet, we wouldn’t even have a case. The court of public opinion is the only thing that could put pressure on the authorities to at least try to do the right thing.”

  20. Yes. I totally agree that China and its people has some sort of weird mob mentality that if someone says this or that and I don’t join in, then I must be wrong. It doesn’t matter if they have a different opinion coz difference in China is not an asset but a liability.

    That ChinaBounder guy has all his rights to express what he does in his own time in his own privacy, this doesn’t concern anyone but himself and his girlfriend. A blog is an “online diary” and it’s not meant for the public so what gives the Chinese professor and others the rights to even criticize him? Those who read his blog have already tramped on his privacy for God’s sake. BTW, I do have some insights that privacy means nothing to an average Chinese in China.

    Just last year, a 17 years old girl from Singapore was hunt down by Chinese netizens coz of her “not so positive” remarks about China.This girl was in China as an exchange student for one semester and so she set up a blog in order to communicate with her family and friends back in Singapore and of course to also let those who have not been to China know how it feels like to be in China (ie. thru her own experiences there). And then somehow her Chinese classmates came to know about her blog and began their own “revenge” for the sake for “cultural intergrity” (dunno what that means). She was “severely criticize” for using “negative words” such as “hardworking nerds who only know how to follow the crowds” and “vomit things back to lecturers during exams” to describe Chinese students. The Chinese also can’t stand how she described Chinese as backwards in dressing and “vain” (competing each other to see who has got the latest mobiles, clothes etc all the time). This girl later received death and rape threats not only from her classmates but from people throughout the whole of China coz her blog was later publicised by one bloke on Sohu (a very popular Chinese website). She was forced to make a public apology on national newspaper and shut down her blog (this is not even a Chinese blog and it’s not written in Chinese either). Just for your information, this girl later concluded her studies/ exchang program in China due to the increased tension and the concerns her parents + her school (Singapore) had regarding her safety. Within a month’s time, all the other Singaporean exchange students and some from other countries (such as USA, Australia and Japan etc) all concluded her studies under the same international student exchange program to go back to their home country largely due to this incident. One student from the USA later stated that she decided to go back to her country only 2 months into the program as she had also done the same thing (wrote about China in her MSN space and it’s not exactly positive like how China would like it to be…) She also bellieve that nearly everyone like herself under the exchange program would have wrote about China on their own blog if they have one and most wouldn’t be positive or at least overwhelmingly positive.

    So what does that tells you? Isn’t it weird that China expects the world to think it is perfect when it clearly isn’t perfect? The only way you can make it perfect is to keep anything foreign from entering China and then take a “GREAT LEA BACKWARDS INTO THE COMMUNIST ERA”.

  21. Queen: Mr. Blair, I saw a message left by Brain last night in my blog. He told me one Commie Doctor wants to kill him. He is a English teacher in China and from England. What is the matter?

    Blair: Your Majesty, I got it. Actually it is our plan. They are doing sexual harassment in China and putting the whole things on his blog.

    Queen: A plan? they?

    Blair: Bush, Koizumi and I made the plan. Osamar Bin Laden had been killed. Next one is China. We need to limit China. Brain they now are making trouble in China and cause Chinese fighting internally. The special team has 5 members. Brain from MI6, one from CIA, one from Japan, two are Chinese Traitors.

    Queen: Sounds good. How about their mission?

    Blair: They did great job. Surprised gain is many Chinese Traitors we got.

    Queen: Not greater than yours! Tell me BRAIN’s blog address. I am interested in it.

    Blair: Your Majesty, Please log in http://www.chinabounder.blogspot.com

  22. Chinabounder’s mom:hi baby, a great news. I am falling in lover with my Chinese teacher, Mr, Zhang.

    Chinabonder: Who is Mr. Zhang?

    Mom:Zhang Jiehai. He is great man from China.

    Chinabounder: Oh no! Mom, Zhang is my enemy. He had ever kicked me out China!

    Mom:It is your biz. I don’t care. I love Zhang.

    Chinabounder: oops. Are you crasy! It is Zhang who cut my penis in 2006.

    Mom: Oh, poor guy, I am so sorry for that, but I really love him deeply.


    Chinabounder: mom? could you not tell Zhang I am your son?

    Mom: Why?

    Chinabounder: I worry Zhang will put sex things with you on his blog.

  23. these discussions go no where.. really.. wtf is the point of writing about stuff that doesn’t help any one.. you just make clutter


    lol, every one is tracking every one down for any thing these days..

  24. People seem to generalise to two different sides. Why not look at it from a non-biased point of view. You can’t really compare Shanghai to London since there is a huge population difference. If a certain percentage of girls in a population are going to be sluttly obviously it will seem more widespread in a city with X10000 more people than London. Comparatively it’s like comparing a city to a ghost town.

    Why not look at the good and you will see most of the population is not a certain perceived way. Of course if you are looking for sex you will find it.

    It’s all a matter of what kind of vibe you’re attracting and that’s what you will get. If you drive in the fast lane you will be dealing with tailgaters who like to drive fast. If you sit back in the right lanes you move along with the ones who are relaxed.

    If you go to Amsterdam’s red light dist. of course you’re going there with a purpose and that’s what you’ll get.

    People need to be stop being so damn ignorant and prideful. If you are so damn proud of your country … why don’t you go back!

  25. Angry Fcukn Guy:

    I’ve been thinking of what you said about “WHY DON’T YOU GO BACK”…

    There are so many immigrants from China these days to other countries. They all seem pretty proud of China and some of them also criticise their adopted country. I don’t read or hear online about these people telling the Chinese TO GO BACK HOME.

    It’s absurd that the Chinese always use this line on foreigners that live here. Just because foreigners complain or criticise certain aspects of the local culture or society does not mean they don’t like China.

    Now Shanghanese women on the other hand…. from years of experience living here, I’d agree with what most people have to say about them…

    If a Shanghainese girl had a choice between money, love and happiness, you can almost be sure they would choose money first.

  26. “foreign born Chinese” I have to agree with some of what you said, although of course the Chinese can’t go back home since they are home. I guess you meant Chinese in another countries … well here in the USA they do say that if you voice out against the gov., so it happens anywhere.

    It’s true that if foreigners criticise some some things about China it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like China,

    and that Shanghai girls in general have a bad rep, but I was trying to mitigate one guy’s exaggeration about Shanghai girls in that there are more good girls in Shanghai than bad … it all depends where you look.

  27. I think it is the right of ChinaBounder to say what he wants to say in his blog and equally the right of anyone who reads his blog to criticize him.

    There is as much foreign trash as there is Chinese trash in this world and we just have to accept that. The current commotion seems to have set up a divide between ‘Chinese’ and ‘foreigners’. As someone who is somewhat familiar with the Shanghainese mentality, a foreigner is often referred to a white westerner.

    There are many foreigners who are unable to do well at home and are flocking to China in search of opportunities while at the same time there are Chinese who go abroad for the same purpose. That foreigners criticize China does not mean they don’t love what they have got in China. By the same token the Chinese who have immigrated overseas don’t express their discontent of the new places because they don’t love the new places. The Shanghai girls are well known for their vanity tendency but my experience with the western girls also suggests the latter are not much different except that the Chinese girls in Shanghai are more outspoken about money while in the politically correct west the girls’ tendency to go after money is disguised under the umbrella of ‘true love’.

    I reserve my opinion of Chinabounder’s exotic performance as I have seen something more exotic than that from some British in HK. Usually people like that have unmet expectations of what they are and what they are capable of doing….at home. It is the distance between where they are now and where they think they should be that is responsible for the outpouring of their suppressed emotion in a way that disregards how the simple folks in the streets feel.

  28. Lately a ‘foriegn teacher’ in Shanghai of China, who sounds like

    someone from the unemployment line in UK, has written in vivid details about his sexual encounters with his students in a blog and what he wrote has caused much fury amongst many local readers.

    However, I think the Chinese schools should get used to events like this as events like this will always be expected.

    There is currently a huge demand for foreign teachers of English in China. Unfortunately, given the level of disposable income in China at this point, most Chinese schools are unable to hire qualified or trained teachers. As a result, many trash-typed individuals from foreign countries who are unable to obtain employment at home are flocking to China to try their luck. Thus rotten qualify of foreign teachers, both professionally and morally, should not come as a surprise.

    The economics law once again applies here: you get what you pay for. Low prices for products are usually associated with low quality products.

    People in China just have to accept that. The Chinese schools should not expect to hire quality teachers at peanut prices.

    YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Simple as that!

    The Chinese ‘peasant’ school administors create predatory teachers as follows:

    (1)The government disallows foreign teachers to preach religion. Thus the missionary people either don’t go there or go there in small number. Most of these are very decent people.

    (2)The large pool of retired professors and teachers from the west could have been a great help to the Chinese students. But at the age of retirement, these teachers are no longer handsome looking boys and pretty looking girls and therefore they are not hired by Chinese schools as they can not be used as promotional tools.

    (3)Thus many young and the restless, preferrably white, with little spiritual or moral inclination, no teaching experience, barely a bachelor degree in liberal arts from a mediocre community college, who can’t get jobs locally, lacking in money to travel and live in hotels, but can be used as promotional tools by the schools are hired…

    The causality relationship of the current internet turmoil over China Bounder can be explained well within the framework of economics substance.

  29. I agree with Loiterer.

    Just take Canada for example, qualified school teacher with Bachelor degree will receive US$45k – 60k PA and the demand is high. A lot of good education students are being marked by the school broads prior to the conferment of the degree.

    For those less ideal graduates who wish to seek a teaching job overseas, their first choice would be Japan where they receive US$30k – 40k PA and is organized by big company such as Nova Group, next in line would be Korea and then Hong Kong in according to the pay scale.

    I don’t know how much an average English teacher can receive in China, but taking away the housing and other expenses, his or her ‘take home’ pay is minuscule. When these English teachers returned home, their teaching career overseas are not recognized in the resumes.

  30. Stephen,

    When the foreign teachers return home after teaching in China for a number of years, they practically have NOTHING left when their meager savings in RMB is converted into Canadian or US$!

    In other words, they will start like poor immigrants. YOu can imagine what the rest is like. This sort of setting makes them either predatory or desporado people. No joke! I know because I am involved in that field.


  31. Another Foreign born ethnic Chinese in China,

    Have you done a survey of the percentage of Chinese immigrants who are boasting of China but keep bitching about their adopted countries?

    You, like many around here, don’t seem to have taken a course in statistics but keep making generalizations with a lot of here-say and holding onto them as a benchmark of ‘truth’.

    Constructive criticism is welcomed worldwide but obscenity is not.

  32. Attn: Mr. Jian Shuo Wang,

    Please pay attention to the following grammatical error:

    You wrote:”Very briefly, I know this is a _misbehaved_ British person in Shanghai”.

    The correct way to say it is “a _misbehaving_ British person”. It refers to a British person who misbehaves.

    Are you an English teacher in Shanghai? I am involved in the business of teaching English as a foreign teacher. I am a Hong Kong Chinese who was hired as a ‘foreign teacher’ despite my non-foreign appearance. In general, I would say that the English standard of the foreign teachers’ in China at this time is LOWER than that of the high school graduates in HK at the time when the British were there. But I am sure when China becomes a richer country, she will be able to offer better teachers—i am talking about the qualified English teachers or the _true_ foreign teachers. For the time being, just amuse yourself with whatever performance you find in these ‘foreign jokers’.

    HK was governed by the British for over 150 years. That means the HK education system has had the experience of teaching English as a second language over that period of time. When China first opened up, the Chinese education bureacrats could have come to HK and asked us for advice. Instead, they went ahead to come up with ‘foreign’ teacher practice. Thus any joker who looks foreign is automatically hired to teach English. YOu guys in the mainland have no one to blame upon except your peasantry innocence!

  33. Correction:

    The word used should have been ‘afford’ as in “she will be able to _offer_ better teachers.

  34. Well, thank you all guys here for being mostly sound and reasonable. I was prepared to read just some “prof.” Zhang-like frantic proclamations here but instead have found quite a few balanced comments.

    First of all, you Chinese would be a lot more respected worldwide if you really dropped this “we are so bloody unique” thing. Yes, you have long ang interesting history – but don’t forget there are also Greeks, Indians, Jews and Egyptians in the world. Besides, with all due respect China has lost it all – nowadays this country is one of (if not the one) dirtiest in the world with population having extremely bad manners and the government doing nothing practical to boost at least normal sanitary standards and enforce its own rules on spitting, littering and traffic – three things shocking the foreigners right on arrival.

    Either you are heirs of Xia dynasty – and in such a case you have ABSOLUTELY no excuse for behaving like savages – or, if you value your spit-and-throw-rubbish-all-around habits and turn-left-from-right-lane so high, you have to admit you are a young nation just in the beginning of its (potentially very glorious) path.

    Hehehe, so I have just said some criticism about China. Are you going to start hunting me to smoke me out of the country?

    I hope not. Idiotic “prof.” Zhang seems to have few supporters among you and I admire it.

    I am doing a lot more to improve China’s image than he does. What he does is he exposes China to scorns and ridicule. He just shows Chinese people have not overgrown that massive inferiority complex :(

    I love China more than he does. But do I like her? No. Like and love are different things: love is blind but like can be logically explained. Still, I am doing something to change China to the best while “prof.” tries to keep her in the past.

    Saying “the best” I don’t mean western-like; you can decide it yourselves whether you find western pattern worth copying or not. I mean universally best: more clean, more cozy, more beautiful and more full of smiles.

    I am a laowai living into my 10th year in China. A male laowai, needs to be said. A few years back I married a Chinese girl; I was way over 30 and it was my first marriage. As an old bachelor of course I slept with a lot of local girls before I married – so what? Don’t you, single Chinese, sleep with women? Don’t you tell filthy stories about them? Oh fuck off! We are all the same. We have similar likes and hates and we do similar things to make these “professors” angry.

    At the same time I want to say – those women are also not to be blamed! In my (many) short affairs I have never had a whore in this country. Not even once. I only had affairs with decent, nice, refined girls with good education, manners and high culture. We all need sex, what’s wrong about it? They were not comfortable looking for short affairs amongst you Chinese guys so they tried another way around.

    Maybe they didn’t want you to think bad of them, maybe they were not happy with your unpolished shoes or those terrible long fingernails some of you grow? Who knows, and is it really important?

    No damage done, both sides are happy and keep good memories, I remember them all with warm smiles… so what the fuck is “prof.” Zhang worried about?

    I think he is little more than an ageing hongweibing who misses a lot the time he had power to stomp on someone’s hearts and souls.

    The guy who published the blog is by all means not a decent guy, I agree – nothing good about bragging on the net how many girls you laid, but I am far from seeing him as a worst enemy of the society.

    He didn’t give away real names of his partners, did he? He didn’t post their real pictures, did he?

    So just take it as a show-off of a dumb prick, who maybe hasn’t laid a single one in his real life.

    Nothing to be so much screwed up about.

  35. And yes, one more thing about that “if you don’t like it here, go away home”…

    My home is HERE. And I am doing a lot to make it a happy and prosperous home.

    Chinese immigrants in other countries are in majority excellent citizens (unlike arabs). They contribute much to their new home countries and most of them have no problem settling in. At the same time they remain Chinese and they are always free to express their opinion about their new home countries. Pretty often these opinions are not favourable. No one takes it as an insult and no one screams “Chinese, go home”.

    So far no one said that to me (a few morons who I publicly scolded for littering did so but morons don’t count; in fact they were immediately muffled by other Chinese who were around).

    Liang yao ku kou. Pretty often bad things are said to stir you up to finally change things to the best. Not to insult.

    Perhaps it will take about 15 more years till the generation of “prof.” Zhang ages out of their posts giving way to modern educators. But it doesn’t mean that now there is nothing to be done about it. It is a pity that Zhang’s yelling was wider heard in the world than comments in this blog. Would be nice if Wang Jianshuo found a way to let more people see his blog.

  36. This is my opinion :

    This ChinaBounder sounds like a complete wanker and SHOULD be kicked out of China. Why? Because he is F#CKING HIS STUDENTS THATS WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Forget about all the political crap he says, thats irrelevant.

    Forget about his apparent ‘sexual ordeals’ with all these women.

    Forget about his remarks on Chinese men and their ‘sexual impotency’

    The fact of the matter is he is fvcking his students which is more than enough to get your hands cut off in China so let him be deported for all i care, China will be better off without him.

    And to all of you insecure Chinese men who are blasting the foreigners about being shameless,immoral, cowardice, sleezy, sex hungry dogs… take a look at yourselves! The average bar in China is full of old rich Chinese men and VERY YOUNG Chinese girls – some of which are still students ffs! You Chinese men are as sex hungry as the foreigners but you just don’t admit it.

  37. CS GAS:

    You wrote:”First of all, you Chinese would be a lot more respected worldwide if you really dropped this “we are so bloody unique” thing. ”

    There are so many Chinese in this world and “you Chinese” is a silly generalization to include all of them. Have you done a survey on the number of people in China who have this attitude? Similar generalizations can be made of any group. By setting up a strawman, you went ahead to this strawman of your own making. Pal, this strawman about the Chinese thinking themselves unique or better than anyone doe NOT exist except in your imprecise English description. That is to say, you do NOT have a point here!


  38. Dude:

    I don’t think any foreign teacher should be kicked out of China for having sex with his students. If you kicked out the teachers, why not kick out the students who have sex with the teachers.

    The whole thing could have been a non-issue if some people just learned the courtesy of keeping their months shut. But then again, what can you expect from characters who are extracted from the unemployment line in the west and managed to find employment in schools that pay shit!

    The Chinese schools for the past many years have been using foreign teachers as promotional tools to attract student enrolment, knowing full well these ‘foreign teachers’ are not teachers by trade and there is a limited scope of English they are qualified to teach.

    ChinaBounder is a piece of trash intellectually and morally. But then again what can you expect to hire for a few thousand RMB a month???? You can’t burn candles on both ends. Can you?

  39. In conclusion, shit pay gets shit teachers! Education is a business and like any business the relationship between the price paid and the quality of the product is directly proportional!

    Simple as that!

  40. I have no problems with foreigners screwing chinese, or animals, or traffic signs.

    When you choose to open the window, some flies will get in… and finds garbage delightful.

    The disgraced girls will just have to live with it. Afterall, we don’t want to be blamed again for lack of freedom (to fuck anyone) do we ?

    I never understood the need to suck up to foreigners (Caucasoids). I do hope it ends but I’m not holding my breath. May god help us when our leaders have names like Charlie Wang, or Elizabeth Su or Lincoln Yao.

    When we don’t show any respect to our own roots, don’t expect the outsiders to do so.

    For this I admire the Japanese.

  41. Chinabounder is just a collection of bad things in China, while I believe that every country in this world has their own problems, what is the big deal? No fuss, no muss, you people.

  42. Chinabounder is just a collection of bad things in China, while I believe that every country in this world has their own problems, what is the big deal? No fuss, no muss, you people.

  43. Well… I guess that is a personal morality issue. A pounder can be from anywhere, any skin colour, any country, and any physical size.

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