Kijiji New Platform Went Online

Kijiji China platform went online today. We had the wonderful celebration party for the months of hard work of everyone. Very excited about that. We went to hot spot today, for the important date, and drank a lot. Great team and great deliverable!

P.S. In my previous article The World of Different Rules, I saw comments like “I am a strong beliver of” (my rules), or others. Unfortunately, you didn’t catch what I was saying. Anyway, no one can change anyone else. I won’t try.

12 thoughts on “Kijiji New Platform Went Online

  1. Would you have hired that mason three year ago if you knew of that unwritten rule? Would you hire the same mason today?

    I would not. I would much rather pay more to play straight up by the rules. I guess that’s one of the differences between the Chinese way and the American way.

  2. Big congratulations to you and the Kijiji team, Jian Shuo! That is a tremendous accomplishment, and I look forward to hearing ongoing stories about the success of that venture. They sure picked the right person to get it off the ground :-)

  3. I agree with Carroll — whomever picked Jian Shuo to get Kijiji China off the ground should get a huge reward! :)

  4. Great! Jianshuo, you learned one thing right: Plain and simple. Your new design is exactly plain and simple and I hope it will help to attract more people to use it. People are lazy in nature. They dislike complicated things.

  5. I read your English blog every day, thanks so much for your efforts to bridge the gap between our worlds! But I am a little sad today, because I cannot read the kijiji site. Next month, though, I start to learn Chinese in school, so someday I hope to be able to truly appreciate both worlds!

  6. I can still access but was banned for a long time, so people can publish blogs, but cannot access site published to

  7. When going to that site, I get to see the following:

    “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/data/cg_conf/ in /home/data/cg_action/AreaAction.php on line 48”

    the site still works though, this is only at the top of it ;)

  8. You’re welcome, and, I don’t know if they actually done something but, just to let you know, the message seem to be gone at this point :)

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