World Cup is Over

World Cup is Over

World Cup is over. I didn’t watch many games during the World Cup, so I decided to stay late last night (or to be more accurate, this morning) for the World Cup Final. It was 8:00 PM Germany time, and 2:00 AM Shanghai time. What a tough job to stay awake in early morning. The 120+ minutes game lasted until 4:00 AM. When Italy beat France and won the championship, light pours inside the room through window. The Sun came out soon after that. I slept for 3 hours, and went to work. The ability to stay late at night has dramatically decreased these years. 

What a moving story Zidane performed in the final game!

Welcome to Zaobao Readers

Yesterday, I saw many readers coming from Lianhe Zaobao of Singapore. This blog was featured in an article English blog is Gaining Momentum (CN). The article was written based on a news report by China News Agency. The China Radio International (an English program) also broadcasted the story based on the same article. It seems News Agency is a influential one. (Did I asked a stupid question?) There are just many industry “common-sense” I don’t know. It is just like my talented non-IT friend asking me “I heard Bill Gates just quit from IntelÂ…”

The fact part of the article is not accurate. Most of the media reports are not accurate, especially those articles saying good words about this blog. :-) Anyway, let it be. I don’t spend too much effort to correct those wrong statememts.

“What we do is never understood but always only praised or censured”. Nietzsche said. (Quoted from The Gay Science, Section 264)

7 thoughts on “World Cup is Over

  1. It is always a good thing to watch the soccer without staying up all night…and have some pizza.. like me *-* But I still think early moring or late night is more exciting and World cup is more like world cup as we were growing up..

  2. I watched parts of the World Cup championship game between France and Italy. It was a long and drawn out affair, as usual. A big match that has to be finally decided on penalty kicks is not a joyous way to decide a winner.

    No doubt the Italians were the better players and they deserved to win.


  3. 1/The weary world-cup Feast was finally over . I never have to keep awake to see three games from 9 pm to 3 am through one night any more. Of course it was cheerful moment for me as a FIFA fan but exactly it was made me like panda being stay up all night over past one month.

    2/Dear Mt Wang,

    I knew your blog from an artical in which mentioned your blog is most popular English Blog in China standed for a new fashin among yong white-collar generation.So I search the detail of yours in internet.

    Could you kindly provide some advices about how to create a personal English Blog in your site?? Thank you very much.

  4. I heard the CRI news story on the radio. Only then did I know there are English blogs in China. What a fun.

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