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Handsome Man in the Store Window

When I tried to enter the Metro tunnel today, I found many people blocked the entrance. It was not easy to get through the crowd. What happened?

Then I found a handsome guy dancing inside the store window – the guy in green. Recently, there are some still models there. Sometimes, a girl will quietly stand there, pretend to be a fake woman. Sometimes she just made phone calls.

The location of this special advertisement is at:

B1, Raffles City,

268 Xizang Middle Road


It is at the Metro Line #1 exit and the Raffles City entrance.

Budweiser on World Cup

I watched the German v.s. Argentina World Cup. Besides the 5:3 penerty shoot out score, I noticed the Budweiser advertisement in the Berlin stadium was in both English and Chinese.

There is another big Chinese logo on the right hand of the field. Interesting. What does it mean?

16 thoughts on “Look at These Advertisements

  1. Budweiser is brewed in Wuhan, China by Budweiser Wuhan International Brewing Company, Ltd.

  2. I saw the ads during the match. In my opinion, China may have the largest number of football fans and World Cup audience, the Chinese ads can draw more attention in China. Nothing strange…

  3. wish you had clearer pictures. I saw the game at lunch too. What a game! Poor Argentina goalkeeper… Great game…

    Giant Beer brewer Anheuser-Busch International definitely spent quite some $ for that space.

  4. Sign just said Bud., short for Budweiser, easier for non-engish speakers to pronounce. Just as we see Motorola, abbreviated as Moto.

  5. Have been visiting your blog from time to time. Good stuff.

    The Budweiser Chinese logo is meant to project an image of prestige for CHINESE viewers only (Anheuser Busch knows millions of Chinese are watching, most of them do not speak English.) Think about Anheuser’s Busch’s choices, the Ad could be written in any other languages like German. However, German drinkers dispise any foreign beers, Bud is rated as low quality beer there. Acutally few other countries know much about Budweiser.

    As a matter of fact, AB is an American company, not an international company. 80% of AB’s market is US, its international markets include only Canada, Mexico and China. Bud has been developing Chinese market in the most aggressive speed. Case in point, it spent US$700 milllion in buying Harbin Brewer in 2004. To put it in very simple language, Budweiser Chinese logo is meant to speak to us.

    Again, Strategic is about choices. It is about where to play and how to win.

  6. I saw it too, but I couldn’t read the second character. I was surprised that so many of the ads are in English rather than German. I’m glad Chinese is becoming an international language too. What is Budweiser in Japanese, Korean, or other languages that might use Chinese characters?

  7. You mentioned “There is another big Chinese logo…”, where are the others?

  8. I am not surprised that there are Chinese chareters in the football field but I am surprised that you watch the game. hoho!

  9. Hi,

    Most of the advertising you see on TV are locally layered. Meaning, that when you see Chinese letters on the banner in the soccer fields, most likely case is that Budweiser China paid an advertising agency to produce and place the Ad during the soccer match. The technology is simple. It bascially layers the ad over the existing Budweiser ad (Budweiser paid for it. The original ad could be german). This will attract the attention of the local viewers, whatever your local language maybe. Coke does it often.

    This technology has been in existance for quite a while. NFL has used it for its games on the FOX network. Its a great way for advertisers to use the banner space more efficiently.

  10. i was actually so impressed by this. everybody is now saying focusing on Chinese market. especially the consumer related products, AB is doing a great job on this by putting Chinese logo in their prestigious advertisement field.

  11. Were the banners electronic or static ?

    If electronic, they could have written the same in many languages,

    here we only see 1/25’th of a second…

    I didn’t watch any of the games so far, but I will record the final game tomorrow evening.

    (Local time : Sunday 20:00. Monday july 10 02:00 China time)

    Football : 22 persons trying to get 1 ball, fighting and arguing… What a game :-(

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