My Cute Friends

Had a gather of my old friends in Microsoft this Saturday. We have been working together as a team, and I am so fortunate to have worked with them, and I believe they are also fortunate to entered Microsoft as intern.

Meanwhile, it is the show case of my new digital camera: Nikon D50. I finally bought D50 instead of D70 or Canon 350D.

P.S. Photo posted without prior permission yet, but I think my friends should be fine with it.

Early Summer

Here are some test shot I took today – some plants.

Conclusion: The old saying “Camera is not the most important factor of good photo” is true, but at least, it is one factor.

P.S 2. Look at these beautiful photos. Its beauty is breath-taking.

15 thoughts on “My Cute Friends

  1. Jian Shuo

    nice pics of the Microsoft crew members. why did you go with the Nikon D50 instead of the D70?

  2. It is cheaper. I am very realistic. I would rather spend the money on other equipment instead of the camera. There are not big difference between the two, from my point of view. I used the standard lens (18 – 70 mm) of D70 with D50.

  3. “It’s the lens stupid” ;)

    I think Jian Shuo made the right decision.

  4. I was just looking for Shanghai job info about two hours ago, and I ran into your site, and here I am, two hours later, didn’t find any interesting job postings, but your site …. All I can say right now is WOW…………. Your blog is very informative and impressive! Thanks so much for sharing your life and thoughts with all of us, and some of these discussion topics are very helpful for people like me, oversea Chinese, who almost lost touch with what is really going on in our Chinese daily life. I’ve always wanted to do my own blog, but I guess I was just not inspired enough to do so. But now, your site gives me a reason to start. AND, I know my number X 2006 resolution is, TO READ BLOGs LIKE YOURS and I will definitely recommend your blog to my friends. As a matter of fact, some of collegues were just talking about how China is the top Hot thing right now, and hopefully one day my company will venture out to China. Hopefully, they will read your blogs and find them helpful and eye opening.

  5. qingerginger, thanks for your comments on Shanghai. You are absolutely right, that after leaving China for some years, it is not easy to keep up with the changes. I hope I can continue to serve the propose of telling the personal story of what is going on in Shanghai. Although I won’t write or don’t write anything just because my readers want or don’t want (it is my personal blog), but I will be interested in hearing what you want to know also.

  6. >Conclusion: The old saying “Camera is not the most important factor of good photo” is true, but at least, it is one factor.


  7. I like your new camera.

    A few months before, I compared D50 and FZ7(panasonic, not DLSR).

    At last, I bought FZ7 instead of D50, FZ7 is much cheaper and has a 12x zoom lens.

  8. Jianshuo,

    It’s nice to know you got a D50, I got a D70. As you may noticed, Nikno DSLRs tend to provide under-exposed photos, this is considered by some as “Nikon’s taste” :) You can try some custom curves online, download one into your camera and see if you like it.


  9. great shots!!! really show how proud of you using your new dgcam…might be your added(hidden) skill,”photography”.. what a combination huh??!?!

    seems for me would like to go back and spend summer in your beautiful and progressive city, and appreciate the colors and variety of plants along the strips of Shanghai but can’t for now.. my kids here in Manila had just their schooling… maybe by their Christmas vacation, but the weather may definitely be change by then,, it’s winter out there!!!! nonetheless, can’t wait to visit/tour again your place soon….

    more summer pictures/shots please??? at least i could get the chance to see via your blogsite summer season in shanghai… maybe you can have time at your zoo, my kids failed to see the hippopotamus, gorillas, giraffe etc. during the winter (DEc. 2005) when we went there.. maybe the cold freezing day, the zookeeper intended not to let them out!! except of course w/the panda..that makes the zoo visit quite memorable w/my kids for now!!! But missed some of the species and breed (birds,dogs…)

    JWS, just a thought of that nothing much.

    from your avid reader here in Manila,Phil…and an admirer of Shanghai’s progress…

    -keep it up!!!


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