Shanghai South Railway Station

This is the latest update about the second most important station in Shanghai – the opening of the Shanghai South Railway Station.

The Shanghai South Railway Station will open officially from June 25, 2006. The first train from the station to Hangzhou will leave that morning.

I hope this short introduction can help you plan your trip to Shanghai.

How Many Railway Stations in Shanghai?

Just like the confusing “two-airport in one city” arrangement, there are many railway stations in Shanghai. The major one is the Shanghai Railway Station, or “The New Railway Station” by local people. Most trains depart and arrive in this station. Especially trains westward, or northward.

The other one is the Shanghai South Railway Station. It was opened long time ago, but closed for construction about two or three years ago.

Now the construction completes, and it is become a bigger station than the Shanghai Railway Station, and will be responsible to handle trains to south of Shanghai.

Where is the South Station?

Both the New Station and the South Station are located at metro line #1. South Station is also the starting station of Metro line #3.

It is at south-west part of Shanghai. If you list all the metro stations between the two railway station, here is the order:


Shanghai Railway Station

Xinzha Road

Hanzhong Road

People’s Square (Transit to Metro Line #2)

South Huangpi Road

South Shaanxi Road

Changshu Road

Hengshan Road


Shanghai Stadium (Transit to Metro Line #3)

Caobao Road

Shanghai South Railway Station (Transit to line #3)

Hongmei Road

Lianhua Road

Outer Ring



You may get some idea about where the station is.


Here is the train schedule.

Now there are only 5 pairs of train scheduled to use the South Station. Please record this, since this information is important:

N521 South Station -> Hangzhou, Departs at 08:15

N523 South Station -> Hangzhou, Departs at 10:01

N525 South Station -> Hangzhou, Departs at 13:33

N527 South Station -> Hangzhou, Departs at 16:12

N529 South Station -> Hangzhou, Departs at 19:08

N522 Hangzhou -> South Station, Arrives at 09:15

N524 Hangzhou -> South Station, Arrives at 12:41

N526 Hangzhou -> South Station, Arrives at 15:21

N530 Hangzhou -> South Station, Arrives at 18:13

N528 Hangzhou -> South Station, Arrives at 20:48

If I visit the station one day, I will take picture of it and share with everyone. The architect is fantastic. It is the first round railway station in the world. It looks like a stadium for me.

How to Get there from Pudong Airport?

If you want to go to Hangzhou, to take bus directly from Pudong Airport is a better choice, since it is faster, and door to door.

If you do want to transit at Shanghai South Railway Station, it may take some time and needs three transfer.

1. Take Maglev from Pudong Airport to Long Yang Road

2. Take Metro #2 (at the same building) to the People’s Square.

3. Transit to Metro #1 at People’s Square.

4. Arrive at the Shanghai South Railway Station

Don’t try this route if you have big luggage. The transition between the Metro #2 to Metro #1 takes long time, and requires you to bring your luggage up for two floors, and down for one.

With the completion of the station, I would be more willing to visit Hangzhou myself.

Good luck to your trip. I hope this information is helpful.

Update January 23, 2009

Now the station has been completed and opened, and 3 years later, the trains leaving from this station are much more than 2006, when this article was written. It has already been a large station. Please read on the part II of this station, with a lot of pictures.

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  1. JS, how’s the progress on the Maglev Shanghai/Hangzhou which is due to complete by ’08?

    Overheard from the news that construction of Maglev is on verge of cancellation due to dispute on the transfer of core-technology.

  2. Hi,

    Longtime reader, first-time commenter :-)

    I’m bringing my girlfriend to Shanghai in August (neither of us have been before) and I’d really like to try out the Maglev Train while minimizing hassles with our luggage.

    I’ll be using your helpful post about where to find the Maglev station at the airport, but I’m wondering what to do when we get to Long Yang Road. We’re staying near People’s Square at this hotel:

    Could we just flag a taxi from Long Yang Road? Are they easy to find? Would it be a much longer trip?

    Thanks for any advice… Looking forward to my first Shanghai visit!

  3. a little off the topic but it pertains to CCTV surveillance cameras. They report that if you are out and about in London today, you are filmed 300 times a day on an average by CCTV cameras. I don’t think I have ever had my picture taken 300 times in 1 day.

    do they have CCTV surveillance cameras in Shanghai which observe and film you as you’re walking down a street? if so, how can you expect any privacy if you stop and kiss your gf?


  4. thx JS very useful

    Sorry for the OT

    any reliable data on air pollution as well PM10 and PM2.5 and tap water pollution in SH, as BJ is declared one of the most polluted metropolis on earth, i was wondering if there is any serious data on SH

  5. The best way to get onboard in South Station is catch a taxicab. Cab can get you landed right in the second floor curb side so you don’t need to take escalator. Voila!

  6. I live right by the Zhongshan Park Station on Metro Line 2, and in my opinion there’s a better way to get to the South Station. If you’re coming from the airport (or anywhere in Pudong, for that matter), take Line 2 all the way to Zhongshan, and transfer to Line 3 (the YELLOW line on the light rail, not the purple line! for those not familiar w/ the light rail) and it will take you straight to South Station. It used to be a huge hassle to transfer, but now that they’ve upgraded the station, there’s a very convenient walkway/tunnel that will take you up to the light rail system. Through a very nice mall. Probably still not ideal if you have a lot of luggage, but it avoids the insanity at People’s Square.

  7. Who owns and operates these stations? Are they planning on building more? I heard of a large railway company that is giving an initial public offering, any idea who it is?

  8. How long is the train from Shanghai to Hangzhou? Also How long is the maglev train from Pudong airport to People’s square?

  9. Hi

    Any recommendation for hotel or guest house, reasonable rates near to Chi Feng Railway Station, Hongkou.

  10. The other alternative to get to the Shanghai South Train station from Pudong Airport is to take the airport shuttle bus. On your airport shuttle bus page you only list the first 6 lines, but line 7 goes to Shanghai Nan Zhan and is just 20 RMB and door-to-door. With no traffic it takes about 35 minutes, with traffic about an hour. It’s quite convenient.

  11. Hi there,

    Like to have some information from you please……… I would like to know which

    is the correct rail station in Shanghai for taking the High Speed Train ( D32 ) to Beijing

    since I am really confuse with this stations around, look forward to your help and advice,

    Thank you,


  12. I see discussions on transportaion from Pu Dong to the S. Station but I am going from the station to Pu Dong, with a lot of luggage. The shuttle bus sounds the best but where do I catch it? Thanks for any help-“Two hours to get there and nervous”

  13. Hi. I wish to go to Suzhou from Shanghai. Was told that the best way to go is via train. Which train will I take, and from which railway station? Also, if you have info about how long it will take, and how much? Do I need to make reservations? – I don’t speak Chinese, if that’s a consideration? Thanks. I appreciate your responses!:)


  14. good day!!!

    would like to know if its possible to take a train from shahai to beijing and vice versa?

    thank ypu


  15. Hi, I want to go to Hangzhou, will be arriving in Pudong airport at 6 am , if I take maglev to longyan, and then a taxi to South station, will I be able to catch the 815 train



  16. Let me do the calculation this way:

    Arriving at 6 pm

    Passing the custom and claim baggage: 7 pm

    Going to Maglev and wait for the next train: 7:30 pm (in worst case)

    Getting to Long Yang Road Station 7:50 pm

    Taxi to South Railway Station 8:30 pm

    It shows it is very tough schedule that you may miss the train. It is possible though, but very risky.

  17. Hi !

    I will be arriving at 4:15 pm at pudong airport . How can i go to shanghai south station and which train i can catch fromm there at what time .



  18. Hi

    Tks Jian Shuo for ur message . Yes i m going to hangzhou . So is there any direct bus from pudong airport as i will be arriving at 4:15 Pm and after 40 or 45 minutes i will be coming outside . So pls. tell me is there any bus/train which go hangzhou . Pls. tell me complete way .



  19. Hi!

    I will be in Shanghai next february (2008). I will arrive at Pudong Int’l Airport at 8:05 AM, and want to go to Shaoxing (one station behind Hangzhou).

    I found two possible trains from Shanghai South Railway station.

    The first (T769) departs from Shanghai at 10:45 AM, and the next one (T795) departs at 14:59

    Maybe I will get the first one, but that doesn’t matter to me. My problem is that I can’t find the Chinese characters for “South Railway Station” to show it to the taxi driver. My computer can’t show chinese characters so I need them as a “jpg. Image”… I just found “Shanghai Nan Zhan”… but because I don’t know how to pronounce that it could be a problem.

    Please can you help me?

    Thanks a lot!

    kind regards, Curzon

  20. am going to the Sinopec Chinese Grand Prix and am staing just mintus walk from the south train station how can i get to the race track

  21. hi, good day, may i ask if where is the station will i go tomorrow taking trip T 211 going to shenzhen,i confuse because my friend told me that there lots of railway staion here in shanghai… thanks

  22. I will go to Pudong International Airport on 28/10/2008 at 18h20. Can I get to Shanghai Railway Station on Airport Bus? Can you show me the Bus No.? and How long does it take?

    When I come to the Shanghai Railway Station, I want to buy ticket go to Suzhou, Can you tell me the Train No., value, time? Thanks

  23. I will go to Pudong International Airport on 28/10/2008 at 18h20. Can I get to Shanghai Railway Station on Airport Bus? Can you show me the Bus No.? and How long does it take?

    When I come to the Shanghai Railway Station, I want to buy ticket go to Suzhou, Can you tell me the Train No., value, time? Thanks

  24. I will go to shanghai on 2nd march. From there i want to go to hangzhou. What is the best option,by train? or by bus? Give me the route for both.



  25. Hello, post please the schedule to Yiwu, and is there a hotel walking distance to South railway station

  26. Hi,

    I am going China and this time I have few hours in Shanghai. I want to keep my lauguge at south train station I have train at 11:50 for wenzhou. Some body know if there is left laguge at South Trainstation?


  27. Hello,

    Me and my daughter are going to go to Hangzhou for 10 days in August. We will be arrived in Shanghai Pudong airport at

    7.05 am. We would like to take D train Shanghai South Railway Station (“South Station” to make it short). My questions are:

    1. How long it takes from Pudong Airport to South Station by taxi? *I can not afford to manage heavy bags*

    2. How much is the taxi fare (roughly) from Pudong airport to South station?

    3. Is there any ticket counter at Pudong airport to buy the train ticket?

    4. Which area is the best location for accomodation in Shanghai if our should catch 10 am flight at Pudong airport? (to fly back to home country)

    Thank you very much for providing such valueable informations.

  28. Hi Jian Shuo

    Could you let me know the latest & fastest bullet train schedule from Hangzhou to Shanghai (two way)?.

    Is this train stops at the Shanghai South Station or Shanghai station? what will the fare?

    Thank you

    Kong Yow ( Malaysia).

  29. Could you pls help me which train Station is near to Golden Tulip Hotel in North Shaanxi Rd.I come from Shenzhen Lohou Train Station….thank you

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