Companies in Silicon Valley

Company List:










2054 Hamilton Ave,

San Jose, CA


170 W Tasman Dr,

San Jose, CA 95134

Cisco is huge. There are so many buildings along the Tasman Dr. There are large Chinese shopping center and many Chinese restaurant near them.

The naming of the company is the cisco part of San Francisco, and the sign is the Golden Gate bridge.

Sun Microsystem,

4150 Network Cir,

Santa Clara, CA 95054

Sun is so similiar with Stanford University. There is no surprise. SUN = Stanford University Networks.


2200 Mission College Blvd,

Santa Clara, CA 95054

There are only two companies I saw in U.S. that have fence or walls around the company: Intel, and AMD.


701 1st Ave,

Sunnyvale, CA 94089

To be frankly, Yahoo!’s compus is not worse than Google’s – even better with the nice bay view and nice art.


1 AMD Pl,

Sunnyvale, CA 94085


950 W Maude Ave,

Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Not impressive at all – only several buildings.

Apple Computer

1 Infinite Loop,

Cupertino, CA 95014

I heard the reason why Apple name their loop as Infinite Loop is, they once bought large mainframe computers, and they said the computer was so fast that they can execute even infinite loop within 2 seconds.

7 thoughts on “Companies in Silicon Valley

  1. thanks Jian Shuo for teaching the origin of the Cisco name. is that little tidbit in company literature?

    any tech companies in Shanghai called ‘Hai’?

  2. San Francisco is a Latin word, Spanish to be exact. Thus, Cisco is very Latin.

    All those great companies in one place, with only one problem: Who can afford a 2 million dollar house to stay there to work for them?

  3. There were two pieces of news just before your visiting Silicon Valley. Sun decided to lay off about 5000 people and sell one of its campuses. Intel also may let 16000 of its staff go home. It has gradually move its operation out of Silicon Valley. Wondering how many of these companies you mentioned here will be still in Silicon Valley after 20 years. There has been a lot of talk around here about Detroit-ization of Silicon Valley….

  4. i am dreaming about ur business life


    anyway i know there is a long way to go for a college student in china`

  5. Exactly JH. With the proliferation of high speed internet, many companies don’t have to be in the valley to be a valley company. The equation is changed. But for now, due to the high concentration of VC capital and human capital there. Most companies can manage to operate there without having to worry about providing 2 million dollar house to their employee. But things could change when operating cost and human cost exceed some threshold in the future.

  6. deja vu…

    funny to see all these pics, since I live next to Intel HQ, very close the SUN campus, play weekly basketball at the eBay court, smash badminton from time to time near Yahoo HQ, eat most of my meals near Cisco Milpitas campus, always drive pass AMD to go to Fry’s and visit my customers at Apple…

    never really thought too much of it, but I guess it is pretty cool to have all these tech titians in my backyard! :)

  7. i m really glad to see all these pics of so many companies which is only in my dreams i live in “india” final year student of elctronics and communication placed in “TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES” but i want to be part of companies in silicon valley. i am really thankful to you if you guide me, how to forward my resume in these companies.

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