962288 Hotline for Foreigners

Good news for foreigners living in Shanghai. The government opened a 24 hour hotline dedicated to help foreigners to survive in Shanghai.

The telephone number is:


If you are not in Shanghai, but in China, you need to dial


If you are outside China, call


According to this piece of news,

The Shanghai Call Centre, which was officially launched on Friday, provides both English and Chinese information about tourist destinations, culture, sports, trade, medical care and other issues of daily life in Shanghai.

The hotline will run 24 hours a day and seven days a week and is backed by a group of 12 operators, all graduates with bachelor degrees.

It seems to be exactly the voice version of this blog. So record this number immediately and have a try. It just opened last Friday.

P.S. Please post comments on the hotline under this entry. I didn’t try because I feel too wired to use English to call, and the operators may find out I can actually speak Chinese. :-D

16 thoughts on “962288 Hotline for Foreigners

  1. “It will also make it easier for expatriates, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan citizens, to live in Shanghai.”

    How does the government distinguish between the local and foreigners?

    From the above sentence posted by China Daily, the reader will interpret Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as independent states apart from China. As a matter of facts, people from the above regions do receive preferential treatment in Shanghai and other Chinese cities. How does the local see these ‘Chinese’ citizens of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan?

    Any comment?

  2. Fabulous information, JS!!! I have fowarded the information to all my friends living in China….bet they still do not know about this yet. You are sure up-to-date with the current events in your life…you should call your blog “JS INFORMATION CENTRE” instead. Keep up the good work!!! Good night!

  3. bravo.. bravo.. JS! this is a very helpful information… I have been looking for this information since from the day I touched down in Shanghai.

    Your blog is more informative media and broadcast the gist of what a forgeiner would like to know.

  4. Hello JS and all helpful friends out there,

    I have a very important inquiry. Anyone has good housing agents to recommend as I need to view as many apartments as possible during my brief stay in Shanghai next week. Kindly post his/her contact numbers if you have any. Many thanks in return!!!

  5. hehe, this hotline is just like a “noteboo”k. it is useful to foreigners living in Shang, actually you can find someting like accomdation, shopping, hospital,renting and so on in some magazines for foreigners in Shanghai, but it is not free……..

  6. hi pass-by, I am afraid I don’t personally know friends in this industry. There are many agents on the street. Basically, most of their services are good, like those big brands in the U.S. – they are also available in Shanghai. You may want to choose them.

    Most of the agents are “area-centric”, meaning they only specialized on certain area or even several property. It may not be many people who are “client-centric” who can design the tour for you.

    Anyone recommend anyone?

  7. Hello JS, thanks for the advice! In that case, I will figure it out when I get to Shanghai. Thanks once again!

    P/S: Glad you like the name. =)

  8. There’s also a FREE mobile service in SH/GZ/BJ that lets you SMS in a question and get answers to your questions. I think it’s called mInfo.com. i.e. weather, restaurants, ATMs, Bars, recreation facilities, discounts on activities, etc. Just send an SMS to 118855 (china mobile) or 914855 (Unicom) with your question and they’ll send you an answer within 20-30 seconds.

  9. Now he tells me, when I just arrived back from Shanghai >_<‘ haha.. Nah doesn’t matter, I got myself a That’s Shanghai, it basically gave me all needed information as well =)

  10. Apartment share

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    Rent price: 2300-2500RMB (it is up to you, if you choose bigger room, 2500,if you choose smaller 2300)

    Girl or boy or even couples are all welcome

    Any interests? Please contact

    Eva: 13818033926 ok for anytime

  11. Hello,

    I am Michael and living since almost three years in China. Now I am based in Shanghai and I am looking for a swimming pool.

    If anybode can help me, I would appreciate it very much!!

    best regards,


  12. i’m so happy to see that there r such a great rooms for foreigners and chinese to communicate with each other ,further more ,it really supply one place that hearing the voice of foreigners in china,their feelings,throughts,and so on .

    hopefully ,all the foreigners in china r able to live and work happier ,then enjoy the time in china .

    i’m wacdie woo from guangzhou china

    as one of the contonese, welcome to guangzhou.

  13. Will be based in Shanghai coming March this year. Looking for apartment in HongQiao area.

    Need the flwg:

    1) 2 or 3 rooms apartment

    2) Fully well furnished

    3) With security

    Budget : RMB 3000 to 5000

    Thank you.

    B. Regards


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