Got Fever – 38.4 C

I cannot imagine that. The last tooth in my mouth came out, and my mouth is painful. The worse is, I start to have fever. The current temperature is 38.4 Degrees C. Well. Let me think whether I should go to hospital to get a shot.

With Google Coop, let me create a service that you can search in Google terms like “Wangjianshuo Temperature”, and it returns the current temperature of my body. Sounds cool? Let me get injection first.

11 thoughts on “Got Fever – 38.4 C

  1. Take care. A Chinese ads saying “good teeth, well being”. Unfortunately I have poor teeth.

  2. This does sound very alarming! Please clarify for your concerned readers!! Hoping you will be feeling better soon :-)

  3. I think almost all Chinese can understand “The last tooth in my mouth came out”. And maybe I can say that in other words, which means the innermost tooth in person’s mouth. Not all people will realize that they have already had that kind of tooth. However, the later they have, the troublesome may happen.

    So, Mr. Wang, hope you recover soon!

  4. “Last tooth” sounds like the CHinese term for “Wisdom tooth”

    Sounds like he has an infection.

  5. Get well soon, pengyou. I had a fever when one of my “wisdom teeth” was taken out, wasn’t an infection– just a “stress response” to the surgery.

    Oddly enough, when I was in Beijing recently, I also got a nasty fever, 38.6 degrees, after a long day at work and a brutal ride home. Wo xia ban shihou, I swear– where I was walking and when I got on the train, ALMOST EVERYBODY was smoking like crazy, and they were smoking those awful cigarettes you often find in China with that rotten odor. I hate cigarette smoke in general, and now I was surrounded by people smoking like crazy. When I got home, I vomited, and then at night the fever came– the doctor said it was probably extreme stress and, frankly, the inability to even breathe. I always thought a fever was due to infection, but apparently not.

    If I could make one request before I return to China (and I may not return, considering how unpleasant that experience was)– please, please start up a serious anti-smoking campaign the way we have in California. Even if you don’t do it for your own health in China, please do it for us expatriates, because you’re making us sick in China with all that awful secondhand smoke!!! We don’t want to come back because the air is too unpleasant to breathe, and you’re losing business.

    Why do you all smoke so much? Don’t you know how dangerous and unhealthy it is? Why don’t you mount a serious anti-smoking campaign? Besides being healthier, anti-smoking is a big, profitable industry– in the US, people make billions from nicotine gum and patches, and therapeutic techniques to stop smoking, so you in China could get incredibly rich from helping people to stop smoking. Just, however you do it– don’t smoke so much! It makes the air extremely unpleasant and hard to breathe!

  6. Hi Greg

    I have the same feelings you do.

    Almost any public place I went to in China, there will be people smoking. I don’t want to be judgmental, but I hate those who smoke anywhere and anytime they want. The sad thing is people don’t even realize that they are bothering others. Here are some reasons I can think of that explain why so many people smoke in China.

    1. The lack of anti-smoking attitude in the general public and the government as well?

    2. Comparing the harm done to your health by smoking than by other things(low quality of health care, environment pollution, bad food, bad water, bad life style, …), the unhealthiness of smoking is nothing. I have many relatives and friends who smoke more than a pack a day and look much healthier than a lot of the none smokers. Maybe “smoking is hazarders to your health” is a lie?!

    3. Smoking is a necessity for some people to socialize and make a living?

    4. Smoking is fashionable to some people?

    6. Make a living is so difficult that people don’t have any energy left to care for their own health?

  7. last tooth = last row tooth = innermost tooth = wisdow tooth

    forgive me if I lack of imagination!

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