It is Pouring! Pouring!

May 18, 2006 – it is pouring outside. There is no way to call a taxi on road, to be exact, there are almost no cars on the street. Typhoon will hit Shanghai tonight. Whenever typhoon comes, I keep my finger across and hope my trees in garden will be fine…

Low Tech World

Tonight, I chatted with Yatao. He said: “Before 1995, I don’t have telephone, don’t have email, and don’t have mobile. How hard it was to visit a friend in another city! I even cannot imagine how we meet at train station.”

I have exactly the same feeling. If there were no email in my life, no website, no telephone, no mobile, and not anything that is powered by electronic, what our lives would look like?

How hard it will be?

The other question is, will we be happier at that time? Maybe.

8 thoughts on “It is Pouring! Pouring!

  1. Well, if that typhoon hits, you may have a chance to experience life without electricity for a while, Jian Shuo! Stay safe!!!

  2. Shanghai is lucky. Whenever typhoon hits, it only brings pouring rain and strong wind. Nothing else. It never destroyed electricity in Shanghai.

  3. carroll, Shanghai has better infrastructure, most of the electricity goes underground in the cable well, unlike west coast, the power is supplied via plyon which is vulnerable to strong winds.

  4. With several rainning days, the sun appears in the blue sky of Shanghai finally today. Although the rain made me have pent-up emotions, when I saw the sunshine cast through the window all the unhappy things gone. I love Shanghai. And I love the sky of the modern city.

  5. Ahah! A very sensible system, especially for such a large metropolitan area. Some of our major US cities could learn from that example!

  6. I am from Shantou,which is in the southeast of China.Typhoon is a common phenomenon there. When I was a primary school student, It seemed that we,all children all like Typhoon.

    The reason is naive! because we didn’t have to go to school when Typhoon comes.Now,I don’t think in that way,Typhoon is devastating and bring much pain to many people! when Typhoon comes,I will pray for a least loss and hope for a fine day now!

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