My HP Deskjet 3500 Series Printer

Just got my HP Deskjet 3500 Series Printer out of my storage room.


HP Deskjet 3500 Series Printer

It still works – after staying in the room for about two years.

It printed out a testing page – with a nice butterfly on the top. What a surprise when you get some colorful picture out of a two year old printer that I almost forgot.

The printer came with my home PC HP Pavilion a610cl that I bought almost two years ago. I never used it after I set it up and installed print cartridge. I have a lot of cool toys and never use them. After the new Kijiji product goes online with personal management feature, I will add all these toys to share them with my friends nearby… I don’t expect to get money out of the m, just want to share some of my cool stuff to hose who work in the same building, live in the same area or my friends…

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  1. so cool… i am a hp certified engineer of the hp pavilion desktop pc :)

  2. Hi Jianshuo,

    I have kept reading your blog for nearyly two years and hope to have further consultacy or discussion on some issues. Hope you can add me to your msn buddy list:

    Best Regards from Hailei

  3. Thanks for inquire. However, due to the high volume of requests that comes to me, as you may expect, I have decided not to add new contact into my MSN Messenger. Otherwise, I may have 2000 persons on my MSN contact now. I hope everyone can understand that. If you have any questions, please post as a comment. Someone, maybe me, can help if you does not care to make it public. Thanks.

  4. During the May holidays, my HP Deskjet 3500 Printer paralyzed. More surprisingly, the service hotline of HP stopped working in holidays after I tried a lot of telephone numbers. ( HP changed service numbers and divided it into some categories)

  5. A series of icons have appeared on my screen with the legend “HP Inkjet Engine” (numbered 1 thru 6).

    Also, I suddenly have trouble printing a photo in my photodeluxe file, using my Deskjet 3500 Series printer.

    I am tired of filling my basement with semi-functional hardware with a half-life of about three months.

    What gives with “Inkjet Engine”?

    Am I saddled with another piece of junk?

  6. Hey ,

    i have the same printer with the same situation, i got it but never used it. now that i have, i cant figure out heads or tails of it. cud u tell me everything about it? Right from what type of paper to be used to where to insert it.

    thanx man

  7. I am using windows vista and i have hp deskjet 3550 printer i want driver for it.

  8. How do I download hp deskjet 3500 series software from the internet?Please respond urgently.

  9. My driver cd has damaged and i m not able to print from my hp3550 so kindly help me out

  10. I lost my cd for hp 3500 deskjet what to do & how can i download it from the internet?

  11. I have to use my old unused hp deskjet 3550 printer but, I lost its cd what to do & how can i download it from the internet?

    Great Thanks.

  12. I have to use my old unused hp desktop inkjet 3500/3550 printer but, I lost its cd what to do & how can i download it from the internet?

  13. I lost my old hp deskjet printer cd what do i how can i get it from the internet

  14. Our Cd insaller of Hp deskjet 3550 / 3500 in the office is now defective.

    How we can get it from the internet so we could print document from the printer. Please help us. Our printer now is not functioning because we dont have the priner software. how we can download it from the internet.

  15. i have to use my old unused hp desktop inkjet 3500/3550 printer but, I lost its cd what to do & how can i download it from the internet?

  16. Saya mempunyai printer HP deskjet 3535. Tapi drivernya hilang. Tolong bantu saya kirimi cara mendownloadnya dari internet ke laptop saya. Saya pake windows XP Sp3.

  17. Hai. Please give me how to download deskjet 3535 from internet. I use windows XP Sp3

  18. i have to use my old unused hp deskjet 3535/3500 printer but, I lost its cd please tell me what to do & how can i download it from the internet?

  19. HP is not providing a Windows Vista driver for the HP Deskjet 3325 printer. HP não forneça um driver do Windows Vista para impressora HP Deskjet 3325. But there is an alternative way to get the printer working on Windows Vista. Mas existe uma forma alternativa de obter a impressora trabalhando no Windows Vista. Just follow these steps: Basta seguir estes passos:

    1. 1. If your printer is connected to your computer, disconnect it. Se a impressora estiver conectada ao computador, desconecte-o.

    2. 2. Click on the Start menu. Clique no menu Iniciar.

    3. 3. Click on Control Panel Clique em Painel de controle

    4. 4. Click on the Hardware & Sounds control panel. Clique no Hardware & Sons painel de controle.

    5. 5. Click Printers. Clique em Impressoras.

    6. 6. Click “Add a Printer” Clique em “Adicionar uma impressora”

    7. 7. Click “Add a Local Printer” Clique em “Adicionar uma impressora local”

    8. 8. Check off the “Use an existing port” check box. “Usar uma porta existente marque” Verificar caixa de fora.

    9. 9. In the list entitled “Use an existing port” choose “LPT1: (Printer Port) Na lista, intitulada “Usar uma porta existente” e escolha “LPT1: (porta da impressora)

    10. 10. Click on the “Next” button Clique no botão “Avançar”

    11. 11. Choose “HP” as the manufacturer from the list of manufacturers Escolha “HP” que o fabricante na lista de fabricantes

    12. 12. In the printers list that shows up, choose “Deskjet 3500” Na lista de impressoras que aparecer, escolha “Deskjet 3500”

    13. 13. Click on the “Next” button Clique no botão “Avançar”

    14. 14. In the text box called “Printer name” type “Deskjet 3325” Na caixa de texto chamado “nome da impressora, digite” Deskjet 3325 ”

    15. 15. Wait for the computer to say that the printer has been successfully added. Aguarde até que o computador para dizer que a impressora foi adicionada com êxito.

    16. 16. Connect your printer to your computer (ie connect the cable to the USB port at the back of your computer. Ligar a impressora ao computador (ou seja, conectar o cabo a uma porta USB na parte traseira do computador.

    17. 17. A “Found New Hardware” screen should show up. A “Found New Hardware” tela deverá aparecer. Click Cancel on this window. Clique em Cancelar nesta janela. (if it keeps showing up, just keep on clicking cancel until no more windows pop up) (Se ele continua aparecendo, basta continuar clicando em cancelar até que não haja mais janelas pop-up)

    18. 18. Go back to the printer folder (ie the one where you clicked “Add a Printer” Volte para a pasta da impressora (isto é, aquele onde você clicou em “Adicionar uma impressora”

    19. 19. Right Click on “Deskjet 3325” Clique direito sobre “Deskjet 3325”

    20. 20. Click on “Properties” in the menu that popped up. Clique em “Propriedades” no menu que apareceu.

    21. 21. Select the “Ports” tab. Selecione as portas “guia”.

    22. 22. Change the port from “LPT1” to “USB” Alterar a porta de “LPT1” e “USB”

    23. 23. Click on the “Apply” button. Clique no botão “Aplicar”.

    And that’s it! E é isso! That should allow you to use your HP Deskjet 3325 printer in Windows Vista. Isso deve permitir que você use sua impressora HP Deskjet 3325 no Windows Vista.

    You might want to print out a test page just to make sure the printer works. Você pode querer imprimir uma página de teste só para ter certeza que a impressora funciona.

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