Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

Look at this newly released Google Trends picture:

Image in courtesy of Google Trends




Shanghai is more searched in Beijing. I didn’t expect result like this, but it is understandable.

8 thoughts on “Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

  1. Hi Jianshuo, I’m from Singapore, and will be visiting Shanghai end of May. I’m hoping to visit some other part of China from Shanghai, preferably by train. May I know where the train station is located? Also, I’ve read that recently there’ve been droughts in China; are there any places in China that should be avoided currently? Thanks a lot!

  2. Star, welcome to China. The train station is at the center of the city – connected by Metro, so it is very easy to access. I don’t know any place you should not go now. The droughts do not impact travel.

  3. Maybe it has been not a news. I believe that Shanghai as a center of Economy and Business, It may attract more focus over the world. Beijing is not so popular as Shanghai.

  4. I look forward to reading your blog most days but over the past week I have received a V deck “site unavailable” screen “.” This website is currently unavailable. If you are the administrator of this website, please contact us at 1-888-511-4678 Option #4 as soon as possible.”

    I am in New Zealand but judging from the blog which I can once again access this morning there has been normal activity. What’s been going on do you think?

  5. The site always going wrong – I still didn’t find a perfect hosting company yet. The domain is still hosted at, and is hosted at They have identical content. If you cannot access one location, try another.

  6. Guangzhou is really not popular, maybe due of the bad reputation, and also too closed to Shenzhen and HK. Many people still call the city “Canton”, and it only becomes popular during the famous “canton fair”.

    And the worst, many people still don’t know that Canton is…Guangzhou.

    Mike (living in GZ ;) )

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