DMOZ Revisited After 3 Years

I was not happy: ODP – Not As Good as (ODP ~= DMOZ). I was happy: This Site Listed in DMOZ.

Today, I saw a frequent commentor on my Chinese blog, Xiaoma, is a DMOZ editor for blog category (Chinese). It is nice. He is the first DMOZ editor I know.

In the last month, rumor said “ is to be closed”. Today, rumor Google Is Banning Sites That Use Open Directory (DMOZ) Data.

It seems both project is at its hard stage now. Anyway, I quickly submitted my Chinese blog to the Chinese blog category. My previous submission experience was really bad – just as they explained in their help document, it may takes months for a site to get reviewed. In my case, over 1 year…

6 thoughts on “DMOZ Revisited After 3 Years

  1. Just wanna say great photography and daily

    random news of Shanghai is great!

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  2. hi jianshuo!

    what is the plug-in name of your movable type that enables tag-based entries?

    Can you tell me?

    Thank you!

  3. Hello,

    Just saying hello from USA.

    Are there any sites that list blogs from mainland china?

    I have been wanting to share my writings with people there.

    Please check out my blog and respond if you are able.

    Many Thanks.

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