Photo of People’s Square Area

The People’s Square area represents big portion of Shanghai’s image. So are its details. Here are two pictures I took the other day.

© Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang. Poles on Pedestrains

The flower is the city flower of Shanghai. The city flower is a smart choice. March is the month when white city flowers (Yulan? No idea about English name) boom everywhere.

© Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang. Window of Moore’s Church

5 thoughts on “Photo of People’s Square Area

  1. The English name of the Shanghai city flower (Yulan) is white magnolia. It is in full blossom in early spring. The flower symbolizes the pioneering and enterprising spirit of the city.

  2. It’s remarkable to see the changes done in People’s Square area especially within the metro station exits. There are pedestrian tunnels there now as well but some would still prefer to cross the streets and jaywalk as I’ve noticed.

  3. I can’t forget the old-line broken walls along the WaiTan(sorry,i don’t know the name).The historical banks from England Holand or USA. As long as you have sharp eyes you will find many details in city, they are the most valuable inheritances around us

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