Finally Back from Suspension

You may noticed two days of server outage. Don’t worry. It is another technical support case with They like to suspend a site first, and drop you an email that “please contact me”. After that, it seems the guy who suspend it never appeared. So, in the next 48 hours, (or even 56 hours), there were no one response to the ticket. They have educated me that the only thing I can do is to wait, since my future request will cause my ticket to be put into the back of the queue again, causing the delay… So I waited. Finally, I found myself smart (will you call it smart), that I submitted another case, and it was solved quickly (in 30 hours).

Anyway, I feel happen when I see the blueish screen of this blog.

This time, I really learnt to be patient, and this time is not that hard as the previous 10 day server down.

6 thoughts on “Finally Back from Suspension

  1. Very sorry to hear about your trouble, Jianshuo. I changed myself to Bluehost: goes very smooth up to now, but I do keep my fingers crossed.

  2. I must second the comment about Bluehost. In fact, the president of Bluehost just sent out an email talking about their new 24/7 service; he also cited, “As an example, this past week our average hold time for customers on the phone for the entire week was less than 1 minute, with over 75% being answered in the first 30 seconds. Our average ticket response time for level 1 queries was also less than 50 mintues.” I don’t work for Bluehost. I am just a happy customer!

    Anyway, keep blogging!

  3. Hi, KEN. Can you tell me about the Bluehost service? The price and the offer? Just drop me a email. Thanks in advance.

  4. Bluehost host is very good. You can find a lot of reviews about Bluehost on the website Also, Bluehost is trusted by many of its customers. Obviously, there can not be a very perfect host, since these hosts are of many different features.

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