Xiang Yang Market is Closed on June 30

I guess this may be the last entry for the Xiangyangmarket category in this blog. Xiang Yang Market will be offically closed on Jun 30, 2006. The market started with a small market at Huating Road (Metro Changshu Road station), and moved to the current location, and became really big and famous. Since there are too many fake goods there, under the pressure of foreign companies, the government finally closed it (This is my guess of the reasons, not official reasons).

After the market, there is no plan to rebuild it somewhere else. Quoting the term a technical support guy in ipowerweb.com, “It is gone. It is gone, for ever. There is absolutely no way to get it back!” (The guy used the sentence to convinience they have happily deleted every single file I own on their server.)

Currently, according to my friends who visited the market, the majority of the market is closed, with small portion still open. There are many people bringing visitors to their private locations near the market. The fake deal still continues.

28 thoughts on “Xiang Yang Market is Closed on June 30

  1. what a pity, i’ve seen tourists and locals enjoying the fun of making a bargain with the stall holders.

    well, i’m sure something similar would sprout up somewhere again :)

  2. It would be sad to see the Xiangyang Market go. I hope the government won’t close down Qipu Market as well. :(

  3. Well, yes I agree. It is really sad that this market is gone. Some of my friends really like that place. It is not only just the fun going around seeking fake goods but also the fun to see some real bargaining going on. Some of my friends even use that place for some real time sales training for their employees. Too bad, now we might have to start finding another XiangYang Lu again.


  4. I have just relocated from Beijing and am terribly disappointed not to be able to find clothing markets and bazaars here in Shanghai. Xiang Yang seems to be IT in terms of cheap clothes. I know Shanghai has excellant shopping malls and ecetera but hey, we have them too in our home countries! Beijing has Ya Show, Ladies Market (just upgraded recently), Jia Yi (opposite Kunlun Hotel), Hong Qiao and of course, the wonderful Silk Street, and last but not least, chic and trendy Xidan for the hip and young. No wonder Beijing is the fashion centre in China – I can’t believe how unfashionably dressed people in Shanghai are! Please someone out there, correct me if I have wrong impressions of Shanghai. By the way, there is great food variety here.

  5. Any update where will be the next Xiangyangmarket ? As I plan to visit again? It is really a wonderful place to buy those stuff….

  6. I’m headed to Shanghai and I should be there on or around the 26th of June. Talk about cutting it close. I’ve been liveing near Beijing and have made the trip a couple of times to go to the “Pearl Market”(Hong Qiao) and will be living near Shanghai for the next year. Too bad about the market being closed. I do hope that another one will open and if I can find one I’ll report back (if I can remember).

  7. Hi,

    I will also be going Shanghai on 5 July and I seriously hope to be able to visit Xiang Yang and do my shopping there.

    Please let me know if its still possible or if they will move to somewhere else?

    Thanks so much!


  8. According to the information on the newspaper, the market will be closed completely by June 30, and the buildings will be destroyed after that. I am afraid at the time you arrive in Shanghai, it is already gone.

  9. I’ll be going to the market in about an hour. Hope I can find some good stuff before it closes! I’ve never been there before.

  10. Back from the market with lots of goods for GREAT prices! The market is PACKED since it’s being shutdown tomorrow. There are lots of products that are greatly discounted! I got the address of where most of the vendors of moving, which I’ll post once I find the business card they gave me. The pre-opening is on 7/1 and the grand opening on 7/2.


  12. Thanks Jessica,

    I am really looking forward to visiting this market. Please post the new address where most of the vendors will be moving to.

    Thank you so much!

  13. Here’s the new address for Xiang Yang Market: No.580 Nanjing W. Rd

    The street parallel to it is Feng yang Rd.

    Mobile numbers: 13167119956 or 13122116998


  14. Hi Jessica and all,

    I just came back today. Actually even though the Xiang Yang Market is closed, there are still many hidden shops near the Xiang Yang market. You just need to go to somewhere near the Xiang Yang market (near the shopping centres, starbucks, Macs etc) and someone or many people will approach you to ask you to follow them to the shops. If you dare to follow them, you will find those shops selling the hangbags, watches etc.

    Another alternative is just go to Qipu Road where there are 3 big shopping centres for wholesalers. Every floors is for a certain kind of products like bags and shoes for one floor, men’s clothings on another and ladies clothings on another. I spent like 5 hours on just one floor looking at shoes and bags! Not enough time to go through all the floors!

  15. Many of the vendors have moved to the subway station right by the Science & Technology Museum in Pudong. Just went there today. Not many stores are open yet because they just opened 3 days ago. Lots of shops will open soon, though. I still did some great shopping and got some GREAT deals! Check it out!

  16. so, is there THE definitive place to go for watches ( high quality fakes ), purses, etc?

  17. I will be traveling with a group next April and HAD been to XING YANG MARKET 5 years ago and loved it.

    I would like my friends to experience something like this. Does anyone have suggestions for good Shanghai shopping for April 2007????

    I saw Jessica’s about 580 Nanjing Road. Is this the like the old Xing Yang Market?

    Please respond and thanks! ss

  18. underneath the Science and Technology Museum, in the subway, you will find many of the same vendors we used to deal with at the old market. Even though their overhead costs are higher (think temperature control and real bathrooms), the deals are as good as before. take the subway line 2 to the Museum, go up and the stairs and you’ll be right at the market. Opens at 10:00 AM.

  19. I will be visiting Shanghai on October 12.

    My father visited last year and brought back some absolutely fabulous knock-off items.

    Since he came back I’ve been literally begging him to take me.

    I just finally built up the frequent flier miles to go, and there happens to be a trade show for us to attend.

    I was so excited to visit the famed XiangYang Market I’d heard such great stories about, and today a friend who will be going with me informed me the market was closed months ago. What is a bargain shopaholic to do???

    PLEASE, someone help me figure out a shopping plan…I’ll be in Shanghai the 1 – 17th…the show will only take a day or two and I’d planned to shop the rest of the time.

    I need to know the insider’s guide to the best deals!


  20. Hi guys.

    Was in Shanghai from Sept 17 to Sept 25 for a conference.

    XIangYang Market is definitely in Science and Technology Museum MRT’s basement. Take Line 2.

    It is a huge underground with lotsa of 100 diff shops. There are difference entrance from the above.

    If u take the wrong staircase, you will end up with the basement with the lesser shops.

    So roam around – if you have to cross the underpass, to get to the rite fake shops.

    It took me the next day, to discover the other 100s plus shops.

    LV start at 350RMB and you can get as low as 100 to 150RMB, depending their mood and how desperate they want to sell.

    Oh and the sellers hate kids! My 4 years old was tugging me to leave the shop, and guess rite! THEY SHOUTED AND SCOLDED MY KID A FEW TIMES!

    It is okay to follow the RUNNERS here to buy fakes, as they only bring you to the shop.

    But if you are out in the open street, say NANJING ROAD, that’s actually happened to us.


    The runner is so polite and gentleman. It can be a lady too.

    We did, but managed to back out, as outside the shophouses was 5 men standing at the entrance. We were really quick to back off a few metres away as my kid was crying to go home!

    Besides the fake goods, there is the MAGLEV Train to ride, the JianMao Tower – see the whole of Shanghai, and the scary speeding taxi ride. The MRT train is the very best!

    For loose change, at the airport, upon arrival, there is 7-11 alike at the airport.

    Buy a bottle of Coke or whatever and pay 100RMB and you will have your loose change before the CASHIER yelled at you.

    It is so normal to be sweared and curse.

    BESIDE THE FAKED GOODS, the only real thing – is the good time you have.

    We hope to return to Shanghai soon.

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  22. OK, I need your help again———-going to be in Shanghai in April, and have been told there is a

    wonderful PEARL FACTORY in the city.

    Does anyone know about this? thanks.

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