Hello From Hangzhou

I am in Hangzhou.

As always, whenever I put my foot onto the soil of Hangzhou, I feel the pace of life slows down. I always appreciate the beautiful scene and the cultural stuff in Hangzhou.

Went to a over-street eating-place tonight, with nice food and beer. As the old sayings put it: “Happy Lives are those simple and cheap lives.” I totally agree.

People in Shanghai should come to Hangzhou more frequently. Hangzhou has a lot that Shanghai does not come. It helps to balance the lives and soul in Shanghai.

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  1. Jian Shuo – I was in Hangzhou yesterday! Totally agree. Compare the hectic life in Shanghai, Hangzhou is such a wonderful gataway! Enjoy! Xiaofeng

  2. I have only been to Hangzhou once and stayed only one day. Undeniably, it is an amazing city, not only because of the beautiful scenary but also because of the people whose kindness made this city memorable.

  3. Mr. Wang, from your vast travel experience accross the Chinese soil have you travel along the ancient silk road yet? Hope to make that tripe this September/October, like to here your comment and suggestion.


  4. Maybe I lived in a different Hangzhou, but I found it to be pretty big, busy and crowded. The area around West Lake is truly beautiful and serene…but unfortunately, that’s a small part of the city. On a nice spring day in 2004, however, I took a long walk northwards following the canal, and that was really beautiful- it got very calm and quiet outside of the centre, lots of parks the whole way, none of the crowds around West Lake. It was like a whole different city, so much more peaceful- unfortunately, where I lived was just beside the elevated highway on Shang Tang lu, and I would hardly describe that as a “slow pace of life”. :)

  5. the problem of HZ that on the weekend is crowed by shanghainese (means us).. that why i avoid as much as i can to go there on the weekend…

    much better during the week days… the city and sourranding are more quite….. take a trip on the lake with the boat at sunset (if wheater allow it)… go for some nice CH food and relax with walks along the lake… as well a visit to the temples… make always soul feel more relaxed and in armony.

    have a nice time there



  6. JianShuo,

    Duibu期。 Ting不动 What do you mean . Hangzhou has a lot that Shanghai does not come….???


  7. i absolutely agree that hangzhou is a very beautiful city in China. you know there is an old saying. there is a paradise in the heaven , and there are hangzhou and suzhou on earth. especially the west lake. so beautiful. i also agree people live in hangzhou with a slow pace, not like shanghai or shengzhen.

    i love hangzhou. i am a student in hangzhou.

  8. 上个星期二,我们哥几个在中饭时分,杀到普福岭路,西湖监察院旁的茶园地吃了一顿中饭。哎,要不是大家下午办公室有会,我真想在那里度过一个午后,那是我眼中的天堂,不奢华,但惬意。

  9. hello, JS.

    hangzhou is such a beautiful city, half is antient, half is modern

    when viewing from the top of leifeng tower, you can enjoy the whole picture. but that tower, terrible modern work!

    it is a popular city for shanghainese to spend weekend. last time i met so many shanghainese and heard so much shanghainese everywhere in hangzhou. quite interesting!

    the favorite city in China-hangzhou, fit my personality=) considering looking for a bf from hangzhou then live in that peaceful city. haha.

    Best regards!

  10. xiaofeng, didn’t know you were also in Hangzhou. We should be thre more often…

    Loretta, I haven’t been to the skill road yet, I always wanted to go.

    Andrew, I did try the beggars chicken. We also learnt exactly how the chicken was cooked.

  11. Hi All,

    Always heard about the beautiful city of HangZhou but yet to step my foot there. Does anyone here has some pictures posted online to share about this beautiful city?

    hmm… how can I get to HangZhou from Shanghai with a train? And where is the MUST go places in HangZhou. Please advice.

  12. Hi 风流量测量装置, try to search on google with “west lake hangzhou photo” :-)

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  14. Hello. I will be visiting Hangzhou this June and the detail about Hangzhou so far is quite vague. Since I’m running on a low budget, I’ve been researching the hotels through the net. Jinjiang Hotel got my interest but I’m not sure as to its safety due to its extremely cheap tariff. It is located at zhong shan middle road and where’s that? is it near the city centre? where can i find muslim food?

    thank you

  15. I agree with LZ(楼主).

    I living in Hangzhou,with nothing in my hand,but I feel full and joy.

  16. hi

    i am planing to come to hangzhou for learning chinese language. but i don’t know anything about this city. i need someone to help me

  17. Hi!!

    I will travel to HangZhou on 14th and from there how to go to Ningbo by train?


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