Happy Women’s Day

Here from Shanghai, greetings to all the girls/women.

In many companies in China, female employees enjoy half day off on March 8. So does the girls in my office. It was quiet in the afternoon, and the conference rooms are free. I thought: maybe part of the design to have half day off only for women is to remind the rest in the office of the importance of women. Just kidding.

I dressed up in suite today, and stood at the entrance of office to hand out cut flowers to every single female employees in the morning with other managers. I like the program designed by the admin team very much. It is a different Women’s day, for girls and for me.

Anyway, it is a good day to have. Happy Women’s Day.

P.S. Wendy also had a half day leave, but now, at 9:00 PM, she is sitting besides me to process all the backlog emails she left in the afternoon.

20 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day

  1. we got nothing except some babaozhou no one would care to get. but it’s okay. i don’t think women should have any perks, whether on today or any other days.

  2. Hi Jianshuo

    You did bring flowers to Wendy, I guess ??

    By the way, this day originates mainly in my home country and her neighbouring countries.

    See on : http://www.internationalwomensday.com/about.asp

    My grandmother was in fact one of the driving forces in this movement.

    A sad story :

    What made me very deeply depressed today was the statements from the Beijing CCP annual meetings.

    See :


    Why do China spend (much) more than 7 times more money on increasing the military then on social related expenses, when 800 million chinese people needs desperate help ?

    What is the urge for CCP to get more gun-power, when really noone is threatening them ?

    One guy, Huang Chunping, said something about taking better care of the people’s money in : http://edition.cnn.com/2006/TECH/space/03/07/china.space.reut/index.html

    Well said, Mr. Huang !

    As you may know, I am personally involved in this poverty thing, because members of my chinese family have died because of lack of funds to support them when they were very sick. And they died. In each case I had to give financial support, because noone else had the possibility. The family wouldn√łt, because they have own problems. So – they had to die.

    Just for an example, my mother and father in-law have a 5500RMB/year total income from the paddyfields that is provided to them by the authorities.

    How to go to a doctor for that amount of money ?

    Think and think again…

  3. Mr. Wang, you are such a gentlemen. I supporse you are the reformed CHINESE MORDEN MAN; is definitely different from our father’s generation.

    Enjoy your writing very much, brings new insight to the morden way of chinese lliving.

  4. carsten:






  5. Shirley, please note Carsten does not read Chinese, so does most of the readers of this blog. If you can translate it into English, it helps communication a lot.

  6. haxi (hailey), happy women’s day to you. Babaozhou is good enough – all it brings is the feeling of difference from normal days. That is the reason why we design holidays.

  7. Sam Pang, I guess you mean that the link told that Mr. Mao died in 1957, but you misunderstood the word “lament”, so please consult your dictionary again.

    Everyone, even many enlightened people in the western world knows, that the guy on the chinese money notes died in 1976.

    That year was an unbelieveable relief for my parents in-law – now they were as “free” they have been ever after, left in a country ruled by a military army, who won a war against another army who just believed slightly differently.

    Now they didn’t had to starve anymore !

    They remembered Mao’s death day very much (in fact it lasted nearly a week).

    They spend the 2006 newyear and 3 weeks after in our apartment here in Pudong, even they come from a remote village in Jiangxi. They surely LOVED to stay here !

    And we had lots of talks of the past and future of China, which could be good for ALL,

    if the country and the people is treated well.

    The talks with Xiuying’s parents (extremely common people in China) gave me a very deep insight knowledge of the life of chinese people in the past, because my dear Xiuying have certainly no knowledge of the very bad times when Mao Zhedong was “God” for some people.

  8. carsten,

    I can see your fury on poverty in China, do you have better solution for it?

    The problem is so immerse, even the authority sink the entire GDP of China cannot solve the problems which is 800 millions strong.

  9. Stephen, according to my knowledge, you live outside of China, since you speak in this way. If THEY want, THEY can DO ! But they won’t.

    Have a nice evening.

  10. carsten; No one should die cause by illness that is treatable. Clearly, China is not there yet.

    More people will die by the bayonets or bombs if the country is weak militarily. Chinese history told us that.

  11. carsten,

    For the last 160 years since Opium War with British, the boarder of China has shrinked, the northern border pushed southward by almost 150kms, Mongolia was made independent due China unable to protect her from Russia, former puppet states such as Vietnam and Korea turned hostile against China. Colonies and settlements were erected by foreign powers until WWII. China almost had wars with all her neighbouring countries and many overseas powers.

    Today, Japan naval strength is the most powerful force in Asia, second only to US, two southern neighbours of China have nuclear capabilites and the third is on the way. China is maintaining an ‘uneasy’ peace with all her neighbours.

    Without a ‘decent’ military presence in the region, I don’t think China can look eyeball vs eyeball with her counterparts over the table.

    BTW, Since the downfall of Soviet, why Euro still have to maintain NATO?

  12. “ILH, who IS the enemy of China ??”

    carsten, I’m deeply disappointed that a person in your level who would raise such a question. Try to make it easier for you to understand, I like to say this – Did your grandparents ever shared with you about their feelings when the Hitler’s army marched through the downtown BLVD of Copenhagen? And what action did the Danish government took when the enemy arrived at their doorstep and why?

    When you open the chapter of Human history, for most part, it was written in blood! And it is continually written in blood! What make you think it will be different for the next chapter.

    If the history would repeat itself, and then, I just hope the new chapter of Chinese history would written by the blood of China’s enemy who ever they chose to be. Or else, China has not leaned the lessons deep enough; therefore China can not blames anyone else but herself.

  13. carsten,

    I think old people income is very low in china.

    the goverment will support their.

    their sons and daughter can give financial assistance.

    In shanghai city,many young people cost stong for themself,such as buy car,buy big house.they don’t give money to their parents.


  14. On women’s day, my high school teacher sent a message to me, reading:I am very sad we have this day every year, but I still wish you happy on this day, let us struggle for the perishing of this day.I think this day will still last a very long time

  15. I belive this is not a site that provides freedom of speech. My last post was deleted somehow……..

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