Last Day of Feb

The last day of Feb. Here is the status of my life.

  • I am reading “The Search” by John Battelle. Thanks Xiaofeng for sharing the book with me. I have already covered the classic history of
  • I have another small book written by Robin Lee (Li Yan Hong), CEO of, back in 1999. At that time, Robin didn’t start Baidu yet. The preface of the book was Charles Zhang (Zhang Chao Yang), currently the CEO of There was very limited copy for that book. Hengge (boss of borrowed the book from me. This Monday, Larry Zou (CEO of got the book from Hengge and start to read it – the journey of a small booklet.
  • It is cold and raining. I hate the weather like this.
  • Published an article on Fashion Travel (Chinese version National Geographic) with my silly big face and mvm‘s
  • Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of Kijiji. One year was not easy. There are too much moments in the 365 days. We will celebrate the event with a two-day training session.
  • was announced and attracted much buzz. That is the latest movement of decentralization of ecommerce on the Internet.
  • I am now a big fan of My Own Swordsman (武林外传). It is so funny – a TV play like Friends or Sex and City, but happened in ancient China.
  • Recently my productivity increased a lot, but also consuming too much brainpower, and I feel very tired recently.
  • Wendy is back from Seattle. I am happy about that.

6 thoughts on “Last Day of Feb

  1. Hi, I’m new here.

    I’m very interested in your blog, and i know you from the magazine of “lifeweek”,which is also one of my favorite magazine. I admire greatly about your persverance of writing english blog everyday,which really makes me very guilty because i ‘m an english major but i have no will to stick to do it like you. Sometime I just wonder why almost every Chinnse University set up english department. I know society now needs english talents, but i don,t know whether you know, the education system is really bad, which is not my opinion but every college students’. For example, i studied four years english and now i gonna to find a job,what qulifacation i have?? Just english?? Although i have passed TEM-8( which means high level for english-learner) , it is just a communication tool,i think, should i take it as my qualification to find a job?? I think is ridiculous!! I think you are not an english major but your english is better than me. What we learned from school is all dumb english,we have no chance to speaking what we learned, which is really the wrost fault for a language-learner!

  2. Your life seems much fulfilled, but just the chilling weather in Shanghai made me you complain a little bit, :-)

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