8 thoughts on “Google Pages?

  1. haha, interesting! Didn’t see this before.

    But it pop up the following message when I tried it:

    ‘Google Page Creator is having a little trouble right now.

    This is not because of anything you did; it’s just a little hiccup in our system that will hopefully go away soon. We apologize for the inconvenience, and recommend you try reloading this page.’


  2. Tried to sign-in to the google page creator but i just get the message that they are experiencing heavy traffic and that i should give them my email so that they can contact me in the future. While we’re on the topic of Google in China, i saw this news post on China Online re Google operating with no license. http://www.chinaonline.cn.com/2006/articles/CHINA/?a=14427&z=37

    looks like they are just piggybacking on another license.

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