Review of Selected Demo by TechCrunch

Isaac shared a link to ideasfactorychina mail-list: TechCrunch ยป A Taste of DEMO 2006. I posted back my review of several demos. According to Michale, “70 companies gather at a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona to compete head on for our attention. $15,000 buys you 5 minutes in front of 700 people, and a chance to make history.” The fact of how expensive the 5 minutes is sounds interesting already.

Review of Selected Demo by TechCrunch

Credit: The demo was quoted from Michael Arrington‘s

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Online Storage – Giving a URL to an object

I don’t know exactly how Zingee works. My guess is, it turn the client computer into a server, or use some kind of P2P technology. It is impossible for them to load the files into their web server, since they have don’t limit the size of the file.

The idea is simple. I am more interested in the idea to assign a URL to something that does not really exist on the server (in’s case, a file in users’ computer).

What if someone can assign a URL to physical object? For example, if someone can assign a URL to the lamp on my desk in my read room, I will be happy. Then I can click the URL and turn the lamp on or off. This requires some physical connector to the lamp from an Internet-enabled PC. We don’t have these kinds of device handy yet. So is smart to assign a URL to someone in an Internet connected PC.

Making Books – Combining a Traditional Business with a New Customer Base

In China, there are enough printing companies. In China, there are enough bloggers.

How to match the two can be a big business. The problem is, the entrance barrier is not that high – it is the common problem for many businesses that has huge demand. It is something like restaurant business.

They start with downloading software – a good way to turn visitors into customers. Since it is free to create the book, people will create the book. Since the book is ready, many people will pay to get it printed out.

Kaboodle – the secret of a piece of Javascript


Just as the Javascript code started a completely new world for social book mark, this small application starts with a piece of Javascript and help people to create their own pages.

The time from a standard Yahoo! Homepage to pages like this was greatly reduced with the spread of Google Adsense program. Now developers know, the more content they create, the more revenue they have. The rule of thumb is, the unique visitor number you have per day is the number of RMB you can get from AdSense program per year.

javascript:var _mg56v=’0.2′;



var d=document;var s;try







The site has more than just great idea. They are using AJAX in a very experienced way.

Kosmix – How did they know the categories?

How did they know the types of information they have? I believe they must have combined the vertical knowledge entered by human, and clustering technology.

P.S. Incomplete reported that Demo China will be held in Beijing this Sept.

P.S. Incomplete’s tag line about other resources is interesting:


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    Coincidence is that I have a friend who married a chinese guy and moved to Beijing, so obviously I recommended her your blog !

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