The Last Day of Vacation

Feb 4 is the last day of the 7-day long Spring Festival vacation. Tomorrow, all the business will resume. It is nice to have a pause and a lot of thoughts become clearer than before. As a book put it, the natural is full of working – and rest. The Sun, the moon, the four seasons and the tide of sea – there are almost no single object that keeps running but never pause. So to take a vacation meets the rule of the nature.

Today, I sent my car (Goudaner) for maintainance. Everything went on well, until at last, the careless driver drove the car to the washing room, but failed to brake. My poor car hit the wall and the head was crashed. How painful it will be if the car has a life. (Who told me, cars with a nick name lasts longer than those without a nick name?) I felt the pain. The FIAT service center promised to replace everything for free and lent me another white Palio Weekend until my car was fixed. OK. That is the best they can do and I can imagine. Of cause they also waived the fee for the maintaince. Well. Tomorrow, we will drive a different car. Although it is almost the same model as my Goudaner, I won’t call it with the nickname I have for my lovely car. This March 15th will be its second year birthday. Poor thing.

12 thoughts on “The Last Day of Vacation

  1. Oh, poor Goudaner! I’m glad they are fixing the problem for you, though and he will be good as new, as well as shiny, clean, and well maintained, and at no cost (except the inconvenience) to you. Not a bad ending to a happy holiday week, after all.

    I never thought before about how things in nature “take a break” for rest from time to time. Surely we would not appreciate spring flowers, or the moon, so much if they were always there.

    Happy to hear you have had a restful vacation!

  2. This year is goudaner’s own zodiac year. so he has to experience some unlucky things. maybe you can wear some red things for him so that he can avoid the bad luck,:)

  3. Don’t let anyone else drive YOUR car !

    Basically, they are uninsured, when you let others drive them.

    So, in this case, you are very lucky, Jianshuo !

    By the way, how many kilometres have you “done” in the past 2 years ?

    I’m still driving, as I now has to go to Kunshan for work some times during the week…

    (Still renting – a Buick Excelle 1.8AT)

  4. carsten, I wished no one touch my car, but it is an exceptional case that someone has to touch the car harder than I do – when they maintain the car, exchange the oil and other parts when neccessary. I didn’t run too much with the car – just 27,000 KM so far.

    Max, you are right. I need to change to red seat and carpet for him.

  5. Jian Shuo, I think that was probably me who told you that I’ve read that cars last longer if they have a name. Their owners will take better care of them if they think of them more as beloved pets instead of mechanical objects — and of course, that’s just what you were doing, taking good care of Goudaner, when he was hurt. But it’s good that the FIAT people are taking care of it without your having to make a big fuss.

    Speaking of pets, I don’t think you’ve mentioned anything about the cats in your garden for a while. Are they still there?

  6. Jian Shuo, hope this will never happen to your Goudaner again!

    …but usually the tolerance increases with the number of the accident, hehe, at least I don’t feel so sad anymore when my Polo gets hurt again… :-p

    and, yes, eager to hear about your cats…

    by the way, have you and Wendy thought to get a dog since you have a garden? I met a Labrador family (1 mother + 6 puppies) and a 4.5 month Husky during the holiday… they were so cute!

    haha, carsten, so you didn’t manage to quit driving ;-)

  7. is there anybody else who felt a jetlag like I did after the holiday, because of too early bed time ;-) ? early meant early in the morning… like 1 or 2 a.m. hehe

  8. mcgjcn, no, and I admit it in “public” !

    The public transportation to Kunshan is messy, and I can drive to Kunshan from Pudong in 1 hour…

    And it IS hard to get back to work – in the holiday it went 1 and 2 in the night.

    I found so many DVD’s I haven’t watched yet ;-)

  9. mcgjcn,

    You are not alone!, I am attending my office 2AM this morning since my return on sunday due to jetlag. Hope I can get out of this grave-yard shift before the coming weekend.

  10. thanks shirley :-)

    …although I did work very very hard on DVDs during the holiday, there are still soooo many left (crying for my attention)…sigh… I don’t know if that’s good or bad

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