Beijing is Cold. Life is Warm

I love Beijing so much. Although it is freezing outside, it is very warm inside any room. Thanks to the centralized heating system.

The food of Beijing is wonderful for me. I enjoy my life in Beijing as much as I did in Shanghai.

Beijing is my top travel destination. I have many articles in my Beijing category.

8 thoughts on “Beijing is Cold. Life is Warm

  1. In US, there was old saying ” In your life, you have to try two cities. One is San Francisco, but you have to leave before your heart becomes too soft, the other one is New York, but you have to leave before it is too hard”. I had the same feelings about Shanghai and Beijing. The people and life style are very different, I missed both of them.

  2. I like the saying about SFO and New York. It is very different. Shanghai is similiar with New York in business sense, but like SFO in weather. Beijing and New York are both cold (exteremely cold) in winter, but the lifestyle is more like SFO…

  3. Actually, Beijing is like neither NYC nor SFO. Beijing is more like Washington DC. SFO is unique, with its open spirit, romanticism and balmy weather.

  4. jqian;

    You are right. I don’t think Beijing is like neither NYC nor SFO. What I mean is that you should leave Beijin before you become completely Beijing Ren and you should leave Shanghai before you become completetly Shanghia Ren. By the way, SFO is my favorite city.

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