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I found your site from a google search. I want to find out how to get to Yang-Zhou from PVG airport. I have a meditation retreat at Yang-Zhou Gao-Min monastery. I know there is a bus between Yang-Zhou and Shanghai but don’t know where the bus stops are. Can you give me some suggestion on how to search the bus route? Thank you.


This is a question that rarely has answers on the Internet. I searched the question in Google and didn’t find any practical reesult.

Location of Yangzhou

The reason of lack of resources on Internet is, it is not on the major railway lines. Look at the map below:


Map in courtesy of Google and mapabc

The rail only passes Zhenzhang (the city in blue circle). Yangzhou is at the other side of the Yangtze river. So it is a city almost forgot from the major transportation system.

By Train

Only in the recent years, there is direct train from Shanghai (the green circle). The first train from Shanghai Railway Station to Yangzhou is T756 that leaves Shanghai Railway Station at 12:16 at noon.

By Train + Bus

The better solution is to take train to Zhenjiang (the blue circle). Zhenjiang is at the major railway line – the Beijing-Shanghai route, so there are almost one train leaving Shanghai to Zhenjiang every half an hour. For example, T702 leaves Shanghai at 7:55 AM and arrives at Zhengjiang at 10:37. Then you can take bus from Zhenjiang to Yangzhou. Before 11:30, you can arrive at Yangzhou.

By Bus Only

I believe at the PVG, there are long distance buses that directly send you to Yangzhou. Exit at the International Terminal and you will see the sign. For more information, refer to this article: PVG: From Pudong Airport to Hangzhou.


Taxi is of cause one option. It is expensive, but it is still an option. I have no idea about how much it costs – should be about 100 USD – 200 USD? It is scary number, but a trip from SFO to San Jose may take this much, right? :-)

So good luck.

Disclaimer: I didn’t personally verify the information. Please do check before you go. Please comment if some information listed here is out of date or inaccurate. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “PVG: Shanghai to Yangzhou

  1. There are lots of buses from Shanghai to Yangzhou. Just not from PVG. I used to live in Shanghai and took the bus (3.5 – 4 hours, about 80 RMB) often. Buses go from Hanzhong Station (most often) plus Shanghai Train Station and I think Huaihai (can’t remember). Another, slightly cheaper route is to take the train to Zhenjiang and then bus it to Yangzhou or get a shared taxi (buses stop around 6 or 7 if I remember correctly).

    The train to Yangzhou is no good since it goes to Nanjing first then backtracks.

  2. Yeah there is a direct bus from Shanghai Train Station to Yangzhou. If you can get to the Train Station from PVG then you can get a ticket that is around 80 yuan to go to Yangzhou Bus Station.

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