Metro Line #4 Opens

Metro Line #4 in Shanghai (partly) opened to public on Dec 31 – the last day in 2005.

The new #4 is a circle line. Due to the huge accident of the tunnel near the Nanpu Bridge (water flooded into the construction site of the tunnel), the part from Lancun Road (in Pudong) and the Damuqiao Road (in Puxi near Xujiahui) didn’t open. I have no idea about when the tunnel will be repaired.

To me, there is not too much impact for me. It is about 5 minute drive to the latest station in Pudong, while it goes northward, and westword, and southward – just a circle. It is not go to the People’s Square (almost all the 22 stations are of equal distance to People’s Square) and it does not pass Xujiahui. People’s Square, Xujiahui and my home are the three most visited places for me in Shanghai.

Now the purple line on this Shanghai Metro Map is ready, and more is to come.

It is good.

P.S. An ti’s blog was blocked by MSN Spaces days after his post to protest about the overtaken of Xinjingbao (New Beijing News) by Guangming group. Sign.. Take care, buddy!

5 thoughts on “Metro Line #4 Opens

  1. Hi

    I’m glad to hear Shanghai has another metro line (you guys have a number being constructed, I understand?).

    When I was in Shanghai just a few months ago we were quite shocked at how little the metro covered the city. Fortunately for us, as Europeans, the price of cabs in Shanghai was very cheap for us so we used those.

    The lack of metro did mean we walked quite a bit around Shanghai on foot. The Huai Hai Road was nice to walk along (although that actually well served by the metro, I know) and we also walked from the bottom of the Tibet Road up to the Nan Jing (past People’s Square), along the Nan Jing to the Bund and down the Bund and back to the hotel on Tibet Road.

    Pudong was quite difficult to walk about particuarlly trying to get from the Oriental Pearl to the Jin Mao Tower (you guys have some big intersections to cross!).

    Anyway, I’ve read your blog for many months, both before and after visiting and I just wanted to leave a comment to let you know how much I enjoy reading your work.

    Both myself and my girlfriend also enjoyed Shanghai and hope to come back soon (although we’re sure it will be very different when return, the rate of growth is so amazing).

    All the best,


  2. LIne 4 passes by Shanghai Stadium, which is not too far from XJH (well, XJH line 1 stop) — maybe 15 minutes by foot.

  3. Yes it does go to Xujiahui – if you get out at Hongqiao Lu it’s a 10 minute walk!

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