Mop Acquires Donews

The news of MOP acquiring 100% share of Donews arrived to me first from Yubo on SMS the day before yesterday. After that, many friends dropped me the news on MSN Messenger. I was not that surprised.

Liuren and Keso are my very good friend in Beijing. They helped me a lot when I just started to work for Kijiji, both on professional or personal aspect. I feel very happy about them after I heard the news. Although there are a lot of controversial discussion on the pro side or the con side, but I firmly support whatever decision Liuren and keso made.

Life is all about making decisions and it is only the person who are involved has the right to make the call. Comments are just comments. Donews is the dream of two admirable persons. It is a great place to work, although there are only 4 people working for the company. (BTW, is it a company already? :-) )

I met Ren in a Microsoft community party in 2001 when I was working for the community team, but the first in depth talk only happened in May this year. It was in a Starbucks somewhere in Western Beijing. Ren said some very good words about me. Thanks for that.

After that, I often visit them and really enjoyed talking with them or reading Keso and Ren’s blog. There are some very interesting threads, like this, going on as well. This summer, I was honored to be one of the people reponsible for the Shanghai Donews meeting. The meeting was so interesting. I even spent the night watching the Super Girl Final in Donews office (a.k.a 5G). Many people thought it was a very important night. I thought so, but Liuren definitely didn’t think so. That was a nice night. They have good wine and chocalates. P.S. I finally bought sofa very similar with the sofa in that office at my home. :-)

Good Luck!

Now Donews is part of Mop family. I believe no matter what changes in corperate structure, people won’t change. I’d like to offer my best wishes to my two friends in Donews and hope they have very good luck in the year of 2006.


Image in courtesy of Keso (left) and Liuren (right)

P.S. I didn’t drop a line on the MSN Messenger to them (for Keso, not on Google Talk yet). I can imagine how much SMS, emails or chat messages they need to handle these days. In short, it is a piece of good news. It is a good decision, and I congrate them for the archivement of 5 years for Donews, and years of wonderful blogging for Keso.

P.S. 2. I like the post from Keso after the acquisition. It is so candidate and well-writen.

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