Meeting Place: Starbucks, Raffles City

Meeting Place:

Starbucks, Raffles City, 268 Xizhang Middle Road, Shanghai

About the Location

The Starbucks at the Raffles City is not a good store in the Starbucks family. It is small and crowded. However, it is very convinient with the location near the exit of Metro Line #1. It is the nearest meeting place for me (Jian Shuo), and easier to find. I have other locations that I choose to meet people, like Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs, but it is a little bit harder to find and only works for people familiar with the area.


Metro Line #1, People’s Square Station, Exit #2.

It is not straight forward to get there. When you get off the train, take the elevator to the uppper floor. Do not exit at any gate. The one to upstairs and other exit checking machines will lead to mass ground maze.

Follow the sign (or follow the flow of people) to Metro Line #2. At the end of the hall (south of the hall if you still have the sense of direction), there are a long role of Exit Machines on the left and there is a U-turn tunnel on the right. Take the exit at the Exit Machines and turn right to enter a long tunnel – always full of people. Go straight ahead for about 4 minutes, and you will see a sign pointing to left – Exit 2. Enter the left branch of the tunnel and take the elevator to the ground. The Starbucks is right at the exit.


Here is the map:

Meeting Place direction is created to help my friends, partners, and visitors to easily locate the location I propose to meet. If there is any error or suggestions that makes the guide easier to follow, please comment using the form below. If will also be handy for others who propose to meet somewhere in Shanghai but don’t know exactly where the location is.

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