20 RMB per Month Unlimited WAP

It is old news already, but I think it is valuable information to visitors to Shanghai. China Mobile has decreased the price of GPRS. They are offering a package to give unlimited WAP access for 20 RMB per month. Here are the configuration details:

Access Point: CMWAP



I have been using GPRS from China Mobile for some time but I never really understand the difference between the two AP – cmwap and wmnet. The only thing I know was, to be able to access Internet, for example, from my laptop, or Dopod Smartphone to access Internet website like ebay.com, I have to use cmnet. If I only need to access WAP site, like WAP comment feed for this site, cmwap is enough. CMWap is cheaper – 20 RMB for all-you-can-eat while CMNET is charged by bytes.

You need to answer the question in the configuration section of your mobile.

Now, I understand the situation better.

CMWAP and CMNET are intentionally divided by China Mobile. They are two access points. If you configure your mobile to access CMNET, your mobile phone is assigned an IP address and the client can directly connects to web servers on the Internet, like microsoft.com, yahoo.com, wangjianshuo.com…

CMWAP is an application layer seperate that your client is assigned an IP address in the range of 10.*.*.*, and you can ONLY access sites with IP addresses in this range. That means, only the servers hosted by the closed system in China Mobile. There is one exception though. It is the mysterious configuration. That is the ONLY WAP gate server on the 10.*.*.* network range. With this WAP gate way, you can access all the website (like a proxy) on the Internet that provides WAP protocal, like Wangjianshuo’s Blog WAP Edition. However, it is slow since there is only one point that you can access for the entire China Mobile.

So, just call 1860 to enable your unlimited WAP access today. :-) (Seems I am a China Mobile agent now).

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  1. No additional money will be charged besides this 20 RMB? Sounds cool:)

    But, what about the overall bandwidth of that proxy’s outlet? And how is the max bandwidth for each WAP cellphone? There should be such a place for people to check for information.

    I’m forming an image in my mind of thousands of hundreds of WAP cellphones connecting to that proxy server at the very same moment, and hence the network seems pretty sort of jam, so, I’m wondering how much bit/second at least will each WAP client have in the end? Is it for sure that it depends on the number of synchronic clients?

  2. i have been using this service for about one year. you can download cellphone software named” ucweb” &” ucmail”, which is really good one. with the Ucweb, you may reach the internet website via “cmwap ap”.

  3. i’m afraid the info you provide here is not accurate enough. you can access all the sites through cmwap whether the site is www or wap.

  4. Using this servise for months,i feel it’s very good!

    and i also wish to use 3G servise as quickly as possible!

    Can you tell me why not reply my email and MMS?


  5. Your English blog is my favourite.I’ve add your blog to the link list of mine.Welcome to my blog.I hope to get more useful information about this beautiful city.

  6. This is really old news.:)

    This 20RMB wap suit also includes 100 sms.

    I know some people develop some wireless application on this.For instance,MZTK(www.mztk.com) is a RSS reader for the S60.I saw jianshuo’s link on this website.If you have a Nokia S60 or MS smartphone,it’s not a bad tools to access jianshuo’s blog

  7. as far as i know this is not the case.

    cmwap and cmnet are both unlimited. the problem with extra charges is whether or not you use the phone outside of the ‘home area’. eg: if you pay 20rmb in shanghai, you will be charged extra (for data) when outside of shanghai.

    the per-data rate is quite expensive, i think 3fen per KB .. which works out to over 30RMB per MB.

    cmnet and cmwap are just two different access methods: cmwap is more useful for phones, and cmnet for computers.

  8. Hey Wangjian, does the proxy ( still work for you? I haven’t been able to get to the internet from my phone for the last few days.

  9. Hi Jian Shuo Wang,

    I found your site from randomly searching how to setup my Dopod 818 Pro (HK model) for GPRS with China Mobile. Do you have any advice how I enter the configuration? I think that I am supposed to create a Modem Connection in the Connections tab under Settings but I don’t know what to do from there. There are many fields to fill out and even after attempting to solicit China Mobile’s help I have had no success. They only know how to do this for the Chinese versions of Windows Mobile 5 :(

    Your help would be much appreciated!



  10. I finally got GPRS to work with my HTC S620 (Dopod C720W) or O2 EXCALIBUR – with China mobile

    First go to Settings > Connections > GPRS

    new account : CMWAP

    Connects to : Internet

    access point : cmwap

    username : cmnet

    pass : cmnet

    primary dns : none

    secondary dns : none

    Ip address:



    Then i made another account in GPRS


    connects to : Wap network

    Accesspoint : cmnet

    DNS : leave as

    Ip address:



    Then go to settings : connections : proxy

    Add a proxy (any name)

    Connects from WAP network

    Connects to Internet

    Proxy (name:port):

    Type: HTTP

    Name and password leave blank

    In internet explorer, options : connections :

    Leave Automatically detect settings blank

    Select Network : Internet

    That’s it ….

    I am not sure whether it is necessary to make 2 Gprs accounts. but i did as i wasn’t sure. I think the key is the proxy settings. It works fine now. I can go to Google, Gmail, or whatever, and it surfs quite nicely.

    Excellent phone!

  11. I have just got the Dopod C720W as well and configure as per your instruction, could not get it to work. Do I need to activate the GPRS service with China Mobile ?

    Any other advice ?

  12. ok. well, actually the HTC S620 or the Dopod C720W setup for GPRS is quite simple.

    First go to Settings > Connections > GPRS

    new account : CMWAP

    Connects to : Internet

    access point : cmwap

    username :

    pass :

    primary dns : none

    secondary dns : none

    Ip address:


    Then go to settings : connections : proxy

    Add a proxy (any name)

    Connects from WAP network

    Connects to Internet

    Proxy (name:port):

    Type: HTTP

    Name and password leave blank

    Yes you must ask China Mobile to start GPRS

  13. In your Dopod go to Connections > New GPRS

    new account : CMNET

    Connects to : Internet

    access point : cmnet

    username :

    pass :

    primary dns : none

    secondary dns : none

    Ip address:


    Then go to settings : connections : proxy

    Add a proxy (any name)

    Connects from Internet

    Connects to Wap

    Proxy (name:port): 9201

    Type: HTTP

    Name and password leave blank

  14. Dear Manager,

    I have got much from your page.

    I have some trouble for connection to Internet by means of my mobile phone(LG).

    I have made setting up my phone following the above instruction, but not successful.

    Can you hint me?

  15. THANK YOU!!! Peetu, your detailed configurations helped me solve an issue that I’ve been trying to resolve for weeks going back and forth between China Mobile and Dopod/HTC in Hong Kong. Things are tough in China when you don’t speak Chinese. This web site has really helped me figure out the workings of my new device!!

  16. i am using china mobile model: A828 with airtel. GPRS is active on my SIM but m not able to browse the sites from phone or computer.

    please send me the GPRS settings for this handset.

  17. Could someone post the necessary settings to enable China Mobile GPRS on ASUS P535? Thanks.

  18. i m using a china made mobile of model MTKBT DEVICE.can any one help me by snting airtel gprs settings for this mob.pls

  19. I’m using chinese make mobile MTK Blue Tooth (Media Tek Flash Drive MT 6225). Can anybody pls tell me the software using in this mobile. Also pls send setting for GPRS/WAP for Airtel Conenction.

  20. I have recently purchased a china made mobile (Media Tek Flash Drive MT 6225). Can anybody pls tell me the link to download the software for such mobiles and also i require a setting for GPRS/WAP for Airtel Conenction. please reply to dsouzawilfreds@gmail.com

  21. Hi

    Seems like you guys knows what you are talking about.

    I happen to buy a Sony E. P1i from Hong Kong. I have given my to my phone to one of the service workers in China mobile and asked if they could help me to get it on internet. But seems like it is not working…..just cant believe it.

    Anyone with similar problem with p1i? If yes, could you help, please! Mico

  22. Hi, i am using a chinese made mediatek(MTK MT 6225). Please send me the settings for Gprs connection using airtel and also the site in which i can get its PC suite and other softwares

  23. Hi,

    I recently bought a iPhone clone made in china i am not able to find a suitable software which will allow PC interface

    The model No. is A8000

    and i guess its an RTOS based MTK mobile Please tell me how to get an PC interface

    It has a USB interface which allow only to charge the phone

  24. Hi, i am using a chinese Mobile Made Jing Peng A8800 (MTK MT 6225). Please send me the settings for Gprs connection using GP and also the site in which i can get its PC suite and other softwares

  25. am using iphone version 2G i made the download of QQ and i dont now how to use it in WAP mode,because using the cmnet is getting too expensive,am using china mobile SIM Card

  26. hello

    i am using mtk 6225 chinese phone, service provider “airtel india” i have subscribed for wap connection but still i am unable to browse all web sites as it says ur network settings does not allow to browse. its true that i can browse some web sites.ANY SOLUTIONS

    2. how do i connect my phone to computer any pc suites

  27. Hope someone can help me. I have been playing with the for days and can’t get it.

    I have an SE phone and want to send email.

    I have wap set up and can access the internet ok as well as send MMSbut I can send mms to any hotmail or yahoo mail accounts, which is very annoying. I also can’t “connect to server” when trying to send email. I have tried many different servers pop3 and smtp nothing connects.

    I live in Tianjin and my wife called she said they only use Cmwap here Cmnet is not used. I don’t know if that is a TJ thing or a change on the national level.

    My current settings

    Data communications


    APN cmwap

    port 80

    username pw ip blank. ***if I enter in ip it stops connecting

    Internet connections

    connect via cmwap

    Proxy yes


    port 80

    name/pw blank

    I am at my wits end here. I have looked over all the info found here and and tried every different combo I can think of nothing works and China mobile Customer service is about useless.

    TIA for anyone that can help.

  28. Ok I found the answer to my question and I am sure others are looking for the same answers so…

    Check your Sim card. Very simple. China Mobile has 3 Sims card plans . If you have an Easy Own sim card you are sol you can’t do CMNET. You have to have an M-Zone or a GoTone.


    – Post paid thus appeals to corporate users

    – You need to bring your passport to a China Mobile office and apply for this plan

    Easy Own

    – Pre-paid, most of China Mobile’s subscribers use this

    – Green packaging, currently with a bald old man on it

    – Prices vary based on how good the phone number is, base prices seems to be ~280 RMB for the SIM Ka

    – Currently comes with 50RMB prepaid value card.

    – Doesn’t support full Internet access, only WAP (needs to be activated)

    – You cannot access to send pop3/smtp or other apps needing full net access.


    – Pre-paid with bundles and plans that appeal to the youth market

    – Orange packaging currently with some kids on it.

    – Doesn’t come with any prepaid value.

    – 40 RMB for the SIM Ka

    – Supports both WAP and full Internet access (needs to be activated)

    Hope this helps someone.

  29. Bonjour

    Je viens d’acheté le MT6225, mais je n’ai pas les parametre wap gprs et internet,donc imposible d’avoir acces à internet par le telephone.

    Pourriez vous me donné tous les parametres SVP

    Mon operateur c’est Orange( sim) et je suis en France

    Merci beaucoup

    Pour me contacté : shoei-89@live.fr

  30. greetings recently bought a TV Cell phone TV 1331 PH or PS-9000c or are blockade MTKBT and can not make calls message “not allowed mark” is always on the LAM WI, I could tell how unlock to make calls and what the software who has this cell, THANKS Luis from Venezuela South America

  31. sir i am in Nigeria, i bought china mobile E71i. i want the configuration of Gprs so that i can browse.Thanks

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