Wangjianshuo’s Blog is Experiencing Difficulties

Hi all,

Sorry that the blog was down for more than 7 days, since Dec 13, 2005. This is the most difficult time for this blog since it was created. I am working very hard to solve this problem and hopefully, the blog will be online before Christmas.

What happened?

As I explained for the 8 hour down time for this blog, the ISP I chose, found there is some phishing content on my site (as they said), and it was their legal responsibility to shutdown the site (also as they said). The result is, they deleted the content I built in the last 3 years within one minute. I am working with them to get the data from the backup server. Meanwhile, I have switched to another hosting company. I should have done this earlier. When you see this small note, it means the DNS change has been replicated to most DNS servers (at least yours), and the website is served from this new server. It is already a big progress.

What to Expect

I was forced to stop blogging for about 7 days. The email conversation with was incredibly hard, and there was almost no response after they suspended the site and deleted the content. I have rebuilt the system on this server, and hopeful, to get the content from the backup server soon. Please stay tuned. Meanwhile, I can be reached at this alternative location:

Thanks all for your patience!


Jian Shuo Wang

Dec 20, 2005

3 thoughts on “Wangjianshuo’s Blog is Experiencing Difficulties

  1. Jian Shuo, really sorry to hear about your problem. Hope you will fix everything soon. In the mean time, wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Healthy & Prosperous New Year.

  2. Whatever that happened, I’m really glad you are back! It felt like something was lost in the past few days without your blog.:-)

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