Hotmail Does Not Work

My password for my hotmail does not work now. There must be delay for replying your email. I also have some emails inviting me to dinners, sorry that I cannot make it or reply the email from hotmail due to the password problem, and I don’t remember the email address. :-( How bad. But thank you very much for your kindness.

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  1. there’s always the possibility some nasty person has found out your password and changed it…

  2. Hey Bellevue, your comments are extremely boring and repetitive.

    Yes, we know there is censorship in China. What else do you want to say?

    By the way, if you choose a topic to rant about, spell it the right way. Its censorship, not cencorship.

  3. I want to say Wangjianshuo is a cheap liar, even if he spelled it right. You have a problem with that?

  4. Plus, Wangjianshuo is banning US embassy as a source in this blog. When I tried to quote a story from American embassy web page, I got ‘this is a questionable source’ warning.

    A clear sign that what Wangjianshuo really believes in is anti-Americanism. He maybe talks nicely to Americans, but he can hardly conceal his diehard communist ideology.

  5. Confession:

    Name:Constant Loser


    Age:30 to 40


    Education:Master Degree in something and minor in Chinese

    Relationship Status: Single (I used to date a girl, she though I am kind of intelligent guy, however, after three hours, she discovered that I am a single minded ass and might have some mental problem.)

    Hobbies:Surfing internet and check out all of the Chinese blog to practice my Chinese and leave some comments and constantly reply them. I am always hoping someone can reply to me so I can fight back, since I don’t have any friends, this is the only “human contact” I can get. Sometimes, I was so tired and bored by constantly hitting refresh button, then I will go to bath room to take a bio-break,

    Eating habits: Breakfast: 7 up with Bacon

    Lunch: Burger with French fries

    Dinner: French fries with burger

    Principles: Do not buying anything made in China. The only exception is my computer, since I really don’t have time to check each of the parts.

    Family: I grow up as a loveless child which might explain some my behavior, which is really not my fault.

    Wishes: Please continue ignoring me, that is the only way I can die.

    Happy holidays to everyone, since I really don’t have anyone to say this to.

  6. LMAO that was hilarious, but it is right on. Maybe you should also mention that he got “yellow fever” and got dumped by some asian girl, probably a chinese. Thats how he got this serious hate.

  7. Wow how did you know all that stuff about me?

    I am sorry for my behavior. Sorry for calling you a liar Jianshuo.

    I realize that I have a problem :(

    Please help me!

  8. Hey Bellevue, please post your pic along with the pic of the Chinese girl who dumped you. Then I can analyze them to see and understand why.

  9. hotmail is again not working, that really sucks! why all this censorship in china? why!!!???

  10. just want to say just saw this site couple of minutes ago i was reading these comments and some of them seem really pointless. By the way this site is really good. But, some of the comments are a waste of space e.g: bellevue and brad. Just saying again this site is pretty cool.

  11. I have not been able to open my hot mail fof a week do not no what to do as have overseas mail how can i open and look at

  12. Have a German Hotmail account, and have experienced no problems so far to log in – neither on the website nor on MSN Messenger.

    If the problems persist, try to circumvent the standard traffic route…the web should offer a lot of hints on how to accomplish this. For example, if you’re still registered with an institution (such as a university) in your home country, a VPN connection via that institution would an option.

  13. I can’t get into Hotmail, every time I try to go to the site it says that the Internet cannot connect to the site, saying that maybe my connection is down, but of course it isn’t because I can get on every other site! MSN doesn’t work either, it says “We were unable to sign you in to the .NET messenger service, possibly because of a problem with the service or with the service. Please make sure you are connected to the internet.” But I AM connected, I’m on it right now!! Suggestions for help please?

  14. hahahahahah that bellveu guy really got canned hahahahah probably a computer nerd sitting at home and jerking off…i think u hurt his feelings man…dont wanna b watching the news and find out a ceratin bellvue smith has commited suicide.

  15. Hotmail does not connect i push hone button abd when i select hotmail nothing happens and it says done on bottom left

  16. Reset my password for my hotmail account and I must have keyed it in wrong. Requested an email to the account to reset unable to access my hotmail now so, I cannot get into the hotmail account.

    Also, how do I copy my categories over to my live id.

    Thank you,


  17. Now, I’ve forgotten my Live ID password. I haven’t even started to drink that is YET.

    Also, I want to use Outlook for this ID how do I go about setting this up.


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