In San Jose Already

Don’t worry about me. Jia dropped us an SMS as early as 6:30 AM Shanghai time about whether we arrived safely. Thanks. I am OK. I am in San Jose already. The weather in California is great – as everytime I visit – sunny, cool wind, and nice color of the trees. California always seems so clean – there is a long way for Shanghai to go to get rid of pollution. I believe it is something meaningful that I want to spent more time on it.

One big accomplishment I made this time is, I drove all the way from SFO to Larkspur Landing Hotel at Hamilton Ave. The trip was good, except missing one exit to CA-85, but I coorected the error quickly at the second exit and get back to CA-85 in 10 minutes – I passed Veritas building and the VeriSign building. This is the heart of Sillicon Valley. Going to the wrong way will hit two famous companies…

OK. That is all, and going to meetings. I hope to update more about the trip soon. See you.

P.S. What a co-incident. I flow to Seattle 364 days ago on Dec 6, and called it the longest day in 2004

36 thoughts on “In San Jose Already

  1. If famous Shanghai blogger Wangjianshuo happened to drive northbound HWY 101 instead of southbound after leaving SFO, he’ll probably notice a huge billboard by the freeway, condemning the Chinese Communist Party.

    Face it, Wangjianshuo, this is America. You can’t dictate what I believe, and you can’t censor what I want to speak, like it or not.

    Sure, in Silicon Valley you can find enough comrades, spies working for the CCP regime. Enjoy their company. Don’t forget turn on your bedroom (not bed room – sorry) TV and watch for a few minutes. Guess who is on – Saddam Hussein. Don’t stand up and applaud. He is not a hero as CCTV portrays. He is standing on trial. His regime is no more.

    The anti-communism billboard will be there, until the collapse of your murderous regime. Hasta la vista, y bevenido!

  2. Bellevue, Crazy is not a word to describe you, mad dog if you prefer……as the same word used to describe Saddam Hussein.

  3. Those of us who actually lived through the commie censorship days recognize that in today’s bellevue immediately. Ironic how human dramas repeat. But I live in the States now, so when I showed thses pages to my American friends, they laughed. One suggested that liking this bellevue to Saddam is ok but calling a retard names is inhumane. The other recommanded bellevue to get laid, simply. Me, I will just enjoy reading.

  4. Dear JianShuo,

    I see you are staying at that hotel which is very close to where we live, we’d like to take you out for dinner this Friday, do you have time? It’s a neat place that we’d like you to experience it.

    By the way, I am one of your readers who has been reading your blog daily and wish one day we can meet.

    April Naren

  5. Quoting Chairman Mao? Are you completely out of your mind? Lest you don’t know, Chairman Mao is dead!

  6. Bellevue, there are no more communism in China anymore – it is a capitalistic military dictatorship without any social feelings for “the people”.

    So it’s waste of that precious billboard space on 101.

    If you don’t believe me, then come and take a look, outside the “tourist areas”.

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  8. I got my Shanghai driving license just 2 weeks ago and I discovered that I lost it just last nite. So desperate that first thing I thought of is to write to Jian to ask for help. And so disappointed to find him in San Diego. Sigh….

  9. What do you mean by Shanghai driving license? Is your shanghai driving license different from my Jiang xi license? zero difference.

  10. diw, yes, the license is the same, only the issue city will change.

    Kel, I am so sorry about that. To get a replacement may take time, but I have no experience about it. It took me about 9 months to get a replacement for my passport. I believe it should be quicker, but don’t expect to be too short. Share with us your experience to get a new one, since I may run into the same situation one day.

  11. Your question should be put this way: can you legally drive in California with your Chinese DL?

  12. Bellevue, dont correct me, please.

    (Jianshuo has been in WA before. So why only CA ?)

    And what’s your personal business in this ?

  13. Don’t you understand regulating the privilege of behind-the-wheel is a state right? Your communist textbook never told you that? What a waste of your Chinese ‘education’!

    And your usage of the word ‘officially’ only betrays your Chinglish traits. None of my bisiness, of course. Thank you for amuzing me – you folks never disappoint me doing just that!

  14. bellevue,

    carsten is a Danish national living in Shanghai, he is not a ‘red’, so don’t shoot the wrong guy!

  15. bellevue,

    carsten is a Danish national living in Shanghai, he is not a ‘red’, so don’t shoot the wrong guy!

  16. Are you a racist? Why do you think a white trash bootlicking Chinese communists should deserve any better treatment than Wangjianshuo does?

    I just feel a bit sorry for Denmark.

  17. Are you living in neighbourhood with ‘white’ trash who are enjoying goods made from communist China?

  18. Stephen, don’t mind this guy, ok ? Ignore him.

    ‘Think he’s a chinese living in the US, who just went mad of some reason !

  19. I will track his IP homeground anyway – just in case we need

    someone to loose our temper over some day !

    I’ll go to CA frequently…

  20. carsten: do you need my street address?

    Disclaimer: CA cops are fully competent to shoot at any suspect, be it a viking or half-blood chinc :)

  21. bellevue; Go home and check your own closet to see where are all the stuffs are made from. I hope you are not just saying one thing and doing other – which principle do you really stand by? You are not a swinger, are you?

  22. I can’t refuse the gift sent by others. But when I shop for myself, I will use descretion. For example, Cavin Klien is made in the Philippines while Polo Sports is made in China. It’s hard, I should say, but you still have a choice.

  23. Haha, yes Bellevue, US cops are so competent that they can shoot on anyone, even FL residents, even in the airports ! Yes, SO competent ! HAHA ! A bunch of Arnolds !

    Obviously you never buy branded goods, you can’t spell them right. Pity.


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