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A cold Saturday. At night, since there is only one person at home, I drove (I even didn’t know why I drove there) to the Super Brand Mall to see movies. There are many movies on show recently, such as “The Legend of Zorro”, and “Wu Ji”, it seems the most attractive one is “Perhaps Love”. eBay is the sponsor for this film. I was involved in it. I feel deep connection with the film before it comes out already.

Image in courtesy of the film publishers (Applause Picture?)

It is a nice film. Although it was not easy to understand the story at the very begining. I didn’t now what happened in the first 20 minutes, but later, the story reveals and I start to understand it a little bit. The story is moving, presented in a slow but decent pace.

For me, to memorize people’s face is a super hard task. I failed to recognize who is the “director” – acted by Zhang Xue You, who is the one fall in love wit the girl. Well. I gave up. At the end of the film, the only person’s name I know is “Miss Sun”, the girl. I have no idea about the name of other actors.

I love the group dance. I love it so much. It is not common theme for movies in China before. I fell in love of opera after I watched “Phantom of Opera“, “Nutcracker” (ballet) in New York, “Lion King” in Seattle, “Thoroughly Modern Millie” in Washington D.C.. They are the “primary school” type of education for me to understand what opera is. The opera part of the movie is “splendid”, “wonderful”, and “magnificant”.

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There was eBay advertise before the film. Two occurance of the logo during the course of the film and the name appears as sponsorship page at the end of the film.

P.S. Other News I Noticied Today

Robert Scoble is visiting Dublin, Ireland these days.

Hengge was happy to tell me that the new building of started construction these days. He will be the third company moving into warehouse in Shanghai. The first one is Haisong’s, the second is Gary’s

13 thoughts on “Perhaps Love Movie

  1. Hi WJS,

    do you know if they show the movie with english subtitles in theatres around shanghai?

    I’ve never been to a chinese cinema yet.



  2. I don’t know. I also doubt if there is one in Shanghai. You can still watch those Enlighs films, since most of theaters offers more English original film with Chinese subtitle than offering the Chinese translated films.

  3. I went to cinema to see the Harry potter 4 in Sunday,but the theater can’t offer English original film,the film in chinese.I feel surprise.



  4. Just to correct some terminology:

    “Phantom of the Opera”, “The Lion King”, and “Thoroughly Modern Millie” would be classified as “Musical Theatre” (also known as “Musicals” or “Broadway Musicals”) and not “Opera”.

    Some examples of Opera are “The Marriage of Figaro” (Mozart), “The Barber of Seville” (Rossini), or “Madama Butterfly” (Puccini). Opera is characterized by a particular “classical” style of singing.

    Opera has a more formal style and presentation and is related to “classical music”, and usually involves little or no dancing. Musical Theatre, which aims for a popular, general audience, uses modern music styles and lively dance routines.

  5. you have to wait, maybe they will public english subtitles.

    and you can download the film and search the english subtitle from that is a website in chinese.)

  6. anyone know where to download perhaps love? i can’t seem to find it anywhere!

  7. anyone has subtitle English for Perhaps Love Movie, plz send me it, i cant find the subtitle anywhere. What’s the point of having the movie but dont understanding what’s going on???

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