Going to Ad-Tech Tomorrow

I didn’t think ad-tech is a big deal. I even didn’t notice that the conference is not far from my home. Recently, I got some emails asking about hotel or transportation informaiton. They started the mail like “I am going to the ad-tech…”

I realize it may not be a small event. To me, only COMDEX, or recent etech is big thing.

I happen to get the ticket for the ad-tech. So I decided to visit there with enough name card to see opportunities there. Starting from IT, now I can proudly announce that I am also in the advertisement industry – the classified advertisement. :-)

P.S. University Webstes

Ken echoed my post on Fudan v.s. Tongji post and wrote a blog to claim all the three universities have really bad home page designs. I totally agree.

Update: When I took taxi back from Metro station home, I found Ken’s face at the back of the seat of the taxi. It is an advertisement from Kaien English school. :-) Interesting.

Bird Flu?

I didn’t see too much difference in my life due to bird flu besides the repeated news on TV. Today, I did feel the difference. I saw a girl with mask in book store – the first one with face mask I saw so far.

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  1. Fantastic. I am the first one to leave a comment for this blog entry. Actually I do not have any view for this specific posting. But there is no place where I can put my after-visiting-comment.

    Is there any chance that you would provide a place for viewers like me to leave anything about your blog as a whole?

    Anyway, your blog is great. very informative.

  2. Hi,

    I’m a Chinese student in Canada. I happened to work in a company which will also go to Ad-tech, it’s called “Genieknows”.

    World is small.

    Bravo for ur blog. And have fun there tomorrow… (or couple of hours later)

  3. about the face masks.

    i happen to see people with face masks all the time i go downtown. several of them. nothing special in my opinion. so i wouldn’t relate it to birdflu, because they might still eat at kfc ;-)

  4. I followed your website during the SARS adventure- This website called Boxun released this early this week. Aside from the shock of the info – how much credibility does this site have in China or do they have an ” agenda”? I know that there appears to be a change in attitude by the Chinese Govt to be more ” transparent” about BF but sometimes decisions made at one level – take time to filter down to other levels…

    Do you have any personal ” gut ” feel for this. If you feel more confortable not posting this – that’s OK, I’m don’t want to cause any problems



    Tuesday, 15 November 2005 7:48 am EST Category: iFlu.org comment

    310 dead from bird flu in China?

    The unofficial Chinese news site Boxun.com, which was the first to break news about SARS in China, yesterday published a detailed breakdown of human bird flu infections in the country, including claims that there has been human to human spread, widespread quarantine, and at least 310 deaths so far this year. If true, the report would be the first indication that the situation in the country is far more serious than the Chinese government is willing to admit. China officially claims to have had no human infections.

    Translations of the report have been provided by two members of CurEvent’s Flu Clinic – one literal and one in more flowing prose – but both tell the same story:

    Official from Ministry of Health Reveals 2005 Human Case Figures for Avian Influenza Outbreak in China

    (Boxun Disclaimer)

    Since 2004, China has been continually plagued by Avian Influenza outbreaks of varying degrees and unverified reports of infection. In 2005, some of these outbreaks attracted the attention of the outside world. However, these outbreaks are not as straightforward as what is perceived by the world at large. Due to the deployment of the PLA to the epidemic zones, the Chinese Ministry of Health has been able to gain some form of control and organisation over the dissemination of information to the rest of the world. And although they have ostensibly allowed the entry of external health experts into the epidemic zones to conduct their investigations, they will still be bound by arrangements and rules dictated by the Chinese and hence their perception of the situation there would not accurately reflect the actual events that had occurred.

    Currently, the Avian Influenza problem in China is very grave. Over the course of the outbreaks, Chinese officials have been briefed on the procedures to follow in order to control the outbreak the the spread of information. The Chinese Central Military Committee has directed that all suspect and confirmed cases of Avian Influenza infections be sent to specialized hospitals. Notifications must be sent to a higher centralized authority. They have also strictly prohibited any Chinese health officials to privately speak to the foreign media. If it is discovered that they have done so, they will be sacked immediately. There must be no mention made of the H5N1 virus in the cause of death of those who have succumbed to the virus. Patients who seek treatment for respiratory problems in non-designated hospitals will not be allowed to claim insurance or medical expenses.

    (The statistical model used appears to be almost the same as that used during the previous Shenzhen Ebola outbreak)

    Province Number Deaths Number Infected Number Quarantined Number Disappeared Mode of Transmission

    Qinghai 143 131 961 13 B-H, H-H

    Xinjiang 18 35 340 6 B-H, H-H

    Inner Mongolia 28 9 149 2 B-H, H-H

    Xichang 7 15 177 9 B-H, H-H

    Sichuan 0 12 39 0 B-H

    Hunan 8 4 17 0 B-H, H-H

    Hubei 25 297 1,524 4 B-H, H-H

    Guangdong 6 47 66 6 B-H

    Fujian 2 13 9 11 B-H

    Jiangxi 1 0 7 0 B-H

    Zhejiang 0 0 13 0

    Jiangsu 0 0 21 0

    Hunan 0 0 57 0

    Hebei 0 0 21 0

    Liaoning 69 237 2,076 2 B-H, H-H

    Jilin 0 19 30 0 B-H

    Heilongjiang 0 23 9 0 B-H

    Hainan 0 0 6 0

    Yunnan 0 3 0 0 B-H

    Gansu 1 0 7 0 B-H

    Ningxia 0 3 0 0 B-H

    Shaanxi 2 0 0 0 B-H

    Shandong 0 0 4 0

    Anhui 0 6 21 0 B-H

    Although accurate till 12th November, these case figures are constantly changing. Also, since the cases figures have been collated by the Central State Council, they would have reduced it somewhat, and hence, the actual figures may be higher.

    Currently, the situation in China is severe. Human to human transmission has occurred and affected personnel have been quarantined for long periods. Death figures are noticeably higher in B-H transmission regions. The situation has been gradually brought under control although it still remains critical.

    It should be noted that these figures are thought to be cumulative totals to 12 November 2005, although the use of the present tense would suggest that the situation is on-going. B-H refers to transmission from bird to human, H-H refers to human to human transmission. The number quarantined is believed to refer to current number of people in quarantine. The number disappeared is thought to mean the number of people who have broken the quarantine.

    This is the original chart published by Boxun:

  5. Who really now is engaged in the control of health? To mine it neglected the large pharmaceutical companies and the medical centers. There should be a centralized management WBR LeoP

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