Running Around Century Park

On my list, there is one more item I would list under “the reason to love Shanghai”, because there is a great park called Century Park that we can run arround it at night, and there is a small gathering at 7:30 PM every Tuesdcay that many friends will run around the Century Park together. I am just back from tonight’s event. It was nice.

About the Activity

Geoffrey started the actitive about one year before, in Oct 2005. Every Tuesday, some young people will gather at the Gate 7 of the Century Park at 7:30 PM to start the 5km around park running. They have a website called, which means “Run Together” in Chinese.

I spent about 30 minutes to run all the way back. Some are back within 20 minutes, and more are within 50 minutes.

Century Park Route May be the Best Route

I have no idea about whether there is a better running route in Shanghai other than this one. There is no single red light or cross road on the 5 km of route, and the route is besides green trees on one side. The length is also just right.


The right line is the route and the yellow dot is the starting and ending point – the No.7 Gate of the park. You can arrive there by taking Metro Line #2 to the Century Park Station, exit at Exit No. 4, turn left after you leave the Exit, and go straght ahead to cross the wider road (the Hua Mu Road). There should be lots of people there.

Keep Running, Keep Health

I checked my weight today. Unfortunately, I am almost 70 kg now. Let me see if I can stick to run for some time and see if I can lose weight a little bit.

Keep Passion for Life

Shanghai sometimes seems disappointing in our everyday life. Just like any city seems to be to its fellow residents. But at the same time, the same boring Tuesday, the same boring night, some cheerful people are running on the 5 km path in the peaceful night. Some comes from nearby neighborhood, some even from the Zhong Shan Park, which is the other side of the city, but everyone enjoys the running so much.

Nobody said “No” to you when you want to run. The only one who holds us back is ourselves.

On the last page, actually, the second last paragraph of the Art of Travel, Alan quoted Friedrich Nietzsche:

When we observe how some people know how to manage their experiences – their insignificant, everyday experiences – so that they become an arable soil that bears fruit three times a year, while others – and how many there are! – are driven through surging waves of destiny the most multifarious currents of the times and the nations, and yet always remain on top, bobbing like a cork, then we are in the end tempted to divide (human-)kind into a minority (a minimality) of those who know how to make much of little, and a majority of those who know how to make little of much.

How true it is.

P.S. Some pictures from the dinner after the running event. They have AA dinners every Tuesday, and it is free for first time comers.

More pictures are here. I didn’t check permission to use the picture one by one yet, so feel free to drop me a line if anyone thinks not comfortable to share the pictures.

17 thoughts on “Running Around Century Park

  1. Eat eat eat…, you guys only know how to eat, Big eat big drink. what’s there to blog about?

  2. AA dinners? Alcoholics Anonymous or Athletes Anyonymous? Now I see why you ask for permission to post the pictures here :-)

  3. i thought your sport of choice was bicyling! too bad you have to join a gang to have fun exercising, they certainily don’t look altheletic to me.

  4. Jianshuo, hahahahaha !

    If you want to loose some kilo’s, then go straight home after the run and have a cup noodle :-)

    It is CENTURY PARK (ShiJiGongYuan).

    And what’s “AA” ??

    I can see the water on the tables, but I can also see the TIGER beer dispenser, so ??

  5. If someone would like to organise a running club near Shanghai Stadium, I will definitely join….


  6. Stephen and Shirley, you are right. I spelled Century Park in the wrong way throughout the post. I have corrected. (How funny that I used the right words and changed to the current form for some reasons)

    “AA” means everyone split the bill. It is a common term in China. I don’t see another more commonly used word to express the same thing in China yet. I thought it is an international word.

    Kevin, why not organize one? I would encourage every one to start something like this in your neighborhood. My current business Kijiji can help to promote the idea to attract more people. Yes. Seriously, I can think of pushing hard on the marketing of the idea if you have. It is a good way to leverage the Internet to make life better.

  7. Hi

    I will be in shanghai in July. I run for a club in the UK and would liek to join you guys whilst im there. Please can you give me a contact name or email so I can find out more about what you do and where to meet etc??

    I normally run 25-30 miles a week. I love track and 10k’s but with the heat, I dont know…….

  8. Keep Running, Keep Health ! It is nessary to enlarge the program to benifit all mankind.

    It is meaningful and helpful !

    I paid attention to “” once again, today.

    Let’s “Run Together” ,for you ,for ourself !!

  9. Hi I’m a French guy in Shanghai and and I love running, used to run around 10km/ week in France, but it’s not so easy to find good spots and motivated peole to run in shanghai.

    Is this club still existing and are you also running in the weekend? I’m leaving work quite early in the week and am looking for running partners on Saturday and/or Sunday morning..



  10. I hope this run is still active. I’m traveling to shanghai in January for 3 weeks on business and need to train for a half marathon back in the US in Febraury. If anyone is available, please let me know and we can go running (i’m staying near central gaoke road).

  11. Hey! I just moved to Shanghai and I’m living near the Indoor Stadium. I’m interested in going on partner runs or possibly joining this bunch. I typically run 2-6 miles, but I haven’t been running as of late and definitely need to get back in shape. Is this club still active?

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