Four Must-See Roads in Shanghai

Johnny asked about four must-see roads in Shanghai. My answer is:

  • Nanjing Road – for the commercial scene of Shanghai.
  • Shi Ji Road (Centuary Road) – for the development of the Pudong area.
  • Henshan Road – to know the beauty of residential areas,
  • Small roads in Yu Yuan – to discover the history of Shanghai

Enjoy your Shanghai trip on Shanghai street!

11 thoughts on “Four Must-See Roads in Shanghai

  1. I would definitely second HuaiHai Rd…The “buxing jie” roads like Nanjing Rd have become so common, it seems every “big” city or wannabe big city has their own version, but HuaiHai Road is pretty unique.

  2. I just returned from Shanghai, Oct 14th 2005 and am already homesick ..i was visiting my son and his family that have lived there for three years.My photos are lovely but do not capture the expansive views or you have a good photo of the red and gold tree that is standing in yuan gardens now? appeared as if the chinese folk throw red ribbons with prayers or wishes up into the artificial tree covered in gold leaves..i would appreciate any email i miss the city. thank you, elizabeth

  3. I agree about HuaiHaiLu, but each of these roads are so long, that you can’t see the end of them for the Shanghai air pollution. Especially today. oct. 17.

    The sun set before reaching the skyline.

    So you would say – what have this foreigner done himself :

    I have tried to contact the Shanghai Environmental Bureau at

    3 times to ask when they will open up an annual regular exhaust inspection of trucks and buses, like in other big cities.

    This is SO easy, because it can be done in a snap in this country.

    (I’m sure that Greenpeace will agree :-)

    BUT – NO reply ever (but I’m NOT a chinese, so who cares about my english emails).

    Fact is – We ALL breathe the filthy air in this lovely city !

    All are barking and coughing here.

    But what to do ?

    All chinese I have spoken to said : “Ohh, I can’t do anything – it’s a problem for the city government.” However – I’m just a laowei and have nothing to say.

    I think – if you’re a chinese, YOU can do something !

    Send them 1000’s of emails what they really intend to do.

    This is new times, I think they will listen to reasonable arguments.

  4. 当然是衡山路,有一次秋天的下午,我路过衡山路,秋叶飘落,很美,有点象的小说.有时间我想写个上海的小说,好好的描述一下上海马路.



  5. Hi,

    I’m doing this report on the geography of shanghai, and I need to know some important stuff about the shanghai culture, such as what the cool music is, what kind of things magazines you read, and if you can, maybe even some pictures. So far, your information about shanghai has been such a great help to me. No website or book has given me information as well as your blogs. Thanks!

    -Hannah (Los Angeles, California)

  6. Just starting to gather info for a trip 4 of us are taking

    to Shanghai in August. Should we plan on getting a

    car and driving around the countryside during our

    1 week stay?

  7. Ken, I don’t know where you come from. My suggestion is, never thought of driving a car in Shanghai, even in country side if you are not from China. That can be exciting, and challenge, also dangerous. 1 week is too short for you to get used to the road system in Shanghai. You know what, even people from nearby cities like Hangzhou or Suzhou need to help a guide to sit in their car to find the destination.

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