Shanghai World Financial Center


World Financial Center under construction. Picture taken by Jian Shuo Wang

Yes. I can confirm it – the building, Shanghai World Financial Center, which was held during the Asia Economic Crisis, starts construnction again.

As you can see, the building is just a little bit higher than a bus yet, but it has much more potential to grow than a bus.

The picture above was taken at night from my taxi window. It may takes 3 years to complete. Then it will become the tallest building in the world. Below is a concepture picture of the building.


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8 thoughts on “Shanghai World Financial Center

  1. It’s a change to remind the world, “hey look, also we exist and we’re not doing so bad either”. Competing who’s got the tallest building is much better idea than competing with who’s got more nukes, for example. There are still some empty lots in Lujiazui – after some years it’ll be a forest of 300-500 meters tall buildings. Does it make sense? If those who invest in such think that it wouldn’t, they wouldn’t invest in such, would they?

  2. Shanghai is scheisse (getting worse to compete making the highest building). I donot like the concrete forest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Highest building in the world! Wow! The city looks modern and technologically advanced. But how about it’s citizens’ level of civilization? I love my city so much but I feel ashamed to be a citizen of this city..

  4. Well. It is all about two legs of the body – on one hand, the development of the hardware of the city, on the other hand is the change of people of life. Although any change in one hand does not neccessary means a change in the other part, there are some corelationship between them.

  5. I visited the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum recently, and on all presentation of the city (movies and model), you can already see this building.

    I recommend the visit of this museum for anyone interest in the urban growth of Shangahi (40 RMB)

  6. Ooooooh yeah! Shanghai Financial Centre has aways facinated me, for my opinion . I don’t realy care if other countries built bildings taller than the Shanghai Finacial Centre . I know for one thing I hope it becomes avilible as a 3D puzzle by wrebbit,an other building has also caught my attention. And sorry about this Amarican archetects, there is no way that you will be able to top the Birj Dubai centre. It will stand at 160 floors the Shanghai Financial centre and the Birj Dubai Rules the wold and Sky!!

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