Typhoon Hit Shanghai

From Friday night till tonight, Shanghai is experiencing Typhoon. For me, it is a pleasant experience – the wind goes up and it rains heavily these two days. I was not able to go out yesterday and today, when I checked out Goudaner, it is completely a new car – the rain washed the car completely – I have never seen a car washer that clean it so completely. Shanghai is lucky. Every time Typhoon comes, it majorly brings fresh air, cools down the hot weather. There are some smaller accidents caused by the Typhoon in the city, but it is still much better than cities in Zhejiang.

All flights were delayed by differenet degrees. Wendy is back from Lijiang today. I drove to Hongqiao airport to pick her up. Her flight was delayed only by 40 minutes, while most other flights were delayed without a determined time. However, the last minute, it was announced Wendy’s flight arrived in Pudong Airport – the other airport. So I get back home with an empty car.

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  1. My dad and my old brother are shipbuilding workers in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province. When I knew the typhoon would visit there through internet news, I was very anxious about their safety while I work in Shenzhen city, Guangdong province. I called my dad’s phone, he told me he was ready for the typhoon at a port because he should protect the shipboard. The only thing what I can do for them is giving a ring. Yesterday the typhoon had left the city, dad called me the terrible day had gone away!

  2. Great website…

    Nice to hear that things are OK in Shanghai despite the Typhoon. We don’t get such things in Singapore, the last time I experienced such was in US. By the way, how frequent are Typhoons in Shanghai? Am planning to move up with my family next year to Shanghai… Also still exploring where would be nice apartments near Nanjing Lu and MingHang schools…any good recommendations?

    Also how’s the travelling time in Shanghai between HongQiao and Nanjing Lu area? Most websites state about 20 minutes travel but the last time I was in Shanghai, the traffic jam was quite bad.. it took me about 40 min to an Hour easily from hongQiao to Nanjing Lu. These factors will influence where I look for apartments.. Some comments will be helpful…


  3. hey dangerdan,

    It will be safe to move to Shanghai. Typhoon comes here almost every ten years. As a native Shanghainese, I can not remind any typhoon related news here.

    And talking aout the traveling time from Hongqiao to Nanjing Road? It depends. You’d better go by Yan’an Road then it will save time, otherwise it will cost u almost one hour.

    So u should know where u work,then choose the are u live. But the area like century park in pudong is not bad because of good environment, and areas in Xuhui is good because of convience for traffic.

    That’s what i can recommend for u.

    Good luck!

  4. Wendy was Lucky, her flight was almost on time arrival anyway. However for me, the airline took me to Nanchang after 30 min. hovering above Hong Qiao airport, I stayed in Nanchang two nights on Friday and Saturday. What makes me confusion is why the airline made a such decision to take off from Ningbo at 9:00pm where the typhoon is landing.

  5. It might have been a pleasant experience for you Wang Jian Shuo, but this was not so for some people in Shanghai. 4 people died in Shanghai because of the storm, out of a total of 7 deads. Myself i’ve been busy during the whole night to get rid of the water in my bedroom. I was very relieved when the storm finally stopped around 03:10am.

    What surprised me a lot was that the next morning when my street was completely covered with 15cm of water nobody of the local people was doing something about. The only people doing something where government employees. Where I come from in Europe this would be impossible, every local inhabitant would already be working together to fix their mutual problem instead of waiting for the government to come fix it for the oh so poor people.

  6. Fantastic website.

    But it’s first time that I learnt that somebody quote Typhoon as pleasant experience. I feel very bad for people who suffering it especially under the poor rescure measures like in China.

  7. Agree with annick! It is really disappointed to know you enjoy the Typhoon so much. I read some articles from your website and you are not the kind of person I used to think of . You couples are so lucky to survive the typhoon, but still lots of people are struggling with typhoon. Their experience is more miserable…

    If this is a personal blog, i think it is ok, maybe I am too serious at yor article. But if you hope to get famous from your blog or hope to get your article posted in some pubician, you are far away from it.

  8. Hi there in Shanghai! My Dad is in Shanghai for a businesstrip, he says it’s still very hot. He also told me some houses very unroofed by the typhoon, some fields were layed waste and greenhouses were completely destroyed. But you write that Shanghai is lucky…

    Greetings from Germany!

  9. I came to Pudong Airport yesterday, and half of the greenhouse plastic were blown off.

    Some workers sheds (the guys who work on the improving of the airport) were detroyed.

    The typhoon center path were more than 200 km away, so it was not “real” typhoon winds who hit Shanghai, just a few blows and lots of rain.

    The last one close to Shanghai was Mindulle in 2004, still 150 km away, but killed more persons in Shanghai than this time.

    If the typhoons hit Shanghai directly, it would not have been fun for anyone.

    The strangest things are flying through the air, and can cut off your head in a second.

    So stay indoors, and stay well away from the windows, they might blow in.

    You most probably don’t want to open them, because the rain comes like buckets of water

    thrown at the windows.

    Perhaps someone knows any in Ganjiang, Zhejiang ? (Not so far from Wenzhou)

    That coastal town was the place where the typhoon made landfall.

  10. Hi everyone!

    I hope i could gather as much information regarding my stay at Hangzhao. It will be my first time in Hangzhao and it would be great if anyone can give me some inputs. I’ll be staying at Jin Shang Hotel and how far is it from the bus station. What is the fare to take a cab from the bus station to the hotel?


  11. I agree with wangjianshuo.I live at shanghai city.It was not real typhoon winds hit shanghai city.

    shanghai is rains two days.It is cool.because it is hot many days.


  12. I understand your perspective on this, Jian Shuo, and I think you made it clear when you started by saying “For me…” that this was a personal account. When I experienced hurricanes on the US East Coast as a child, they were simply exciting events for me. And for my parents, since the damage to our personal property was always very minimal, they provided stories to trade (about fallen trees, or a day without electrical power) among other equally fortunate people. As an adult in California, the same has been true with my experience of several serious earthquakes. I don’t think that saying your own personal experience of a momentous event was merely “pleasant” means that you (or I who found it “exciting”, or my parents who found it merely “inconvenient” under similar circumstances) feel any less compassion for those who suffered greatly as a result of the same event. I’m glad to know that you and Wendy were only inconvenienced, and were able to see the positive side (as is your nature :-) to the experience of this storm.

  13. Annick & Angela:

    Did he said: “For me, it is a pleasant experience …”

    Please don’t make this a kind of political issue. Talking about the weather don’t have to be politically correct.

    And using this kind of instance to say something like: “you are far away from it” isn’t positive and helpful.

  14. Personally, I think typhoon is both an interesting experience as well as a diaster for many people. I travell to Hong Kong frequently and people there tells me that in the old days typhoon always hit Hong Kong and every time, they have a few casualties. Now for whatever reasons, typhoons seem to like to hit Taiwan and also slowly but gradually Shanghai …. don’t really know why ….. ? Can somebody help to enlighten me ???

  15. I hope you are safe. My cousin John is there too, and I’m sure he’s able to keep his head above water (he’s very tall).

  16. I am currently feeling somewhat nervous as my husband and a group of 13 others are on the island of Putuo and there is a typoon expected to come thier way. They are not sure if they will be able to get a ferry to the mainland early on Saturday (tomorrow) morning.

    I would like to follow the weather but cannot seem to find a site that gives me more than just the basic current conditions. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  17. I am currently feeling somewhat nervous as my husband and a group of 13 others are on the island of Putuo and there is a typoon expected to come thier way. They are not sure if they will be able to get a ferry to the mainland early on Saturday (tomorrow) morning.

    I would like to follow the weather but cannot seem to find a site that gives me more than just the basic current conditions. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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