Driving in Hangzhou

Driving in Hangzhou is totally a different experience than walking in the city.

  • The mountains are near the city and the city is part of the mountain.
  • The traffic in east part of the city is good – the winding road in the mountains are wonderful.
  • Zhejiang University is nice – it is nice to see startups in ZJU are very active.
  • The West Lake is much clearer than before.
  • The recent re-construction of south side and east side of West Lake turned Hangzhou is a very decent city for bars and restaurant.
  • It is only 168km between Shanghai and Hangzhou (only counting the express way). It took about one and half hour for us to drive back to Shanghai.

9 thoughts on “Driving in Hangzhou

  1. hangzhou has taken place a lot of changes.

    it is developing city and gives us surprise.

    i like the lake, the mountain, the scene spot in the city.

    xihu tiandi is also somewhat decent.

  2. Hi WJS :) How are you these days? Busy as usual I guess! The weather is so hot here now in Shanghai (again!) Hangzhou is such a lovely city! I enjoyed sitting in Starbucks with our friend R.C. and yourself =) Hangzhou is even pretty in the rain! Hope to see you again soon! take care :)

  3. Jian Shuo, I’d love to do Hangzhou with A and you again. That was a blast! Hangzhou is a beautiful city and I really enjoyed seeing Zhezhang University.

    Take care — look forward to seeing you soon!

  4. I would love to visit Hangzhou – I was last there in 1992, I bet it’s changed a lot! Any pics? :)

  5. My visit in March this year turned up a few surprises.

    The tourist authority decided to add some attractions like tombs of well known literary characters along the Baiti. So I found “tomb of Su Xiaoxiao”, a gifted woman poet and sister of Su Dongpoa. However, I never expected to find the “tomb of Wu Zon”, the classical novel character who killed a tiger with his bare fist.

  6. Yeah.. Hangzhou!! i will come back to u again next year… it sure is a beautiful city and i’m proud to be born in that city :D even i live in copenhagen now.. i will always miss hz!

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