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  1. Hi~ i just wanna let you know that i really like your blog. I can learn so much about the modern China, the details that the news wouldn’t even bother to write. I haven’t been in China for almost 10 yrs and your website really reminds me the feeling of being in China.

    Btw, congrats for your wedding :P Your wife is so pretty~ I wish you the best!~

  2. Best wishes to you & Good luck!

    I tried your mobile MSN “小齐”. It’s nice, and unique!

  3. Best wishes to you & Good luck!

    I tried your mobile MSN “xiao qi”. It’s nice, and unique!

  4. Hi Guys,

    Welcome to have a chat at my blog (www.madaboutshanghai.blogs.com) while Jianshuo is busy.



  5. I have this blog for my students at (www.donews.net/speaking) but I write about interesting and cool things too. So drop by and have fun! I know it sounds like an ad or something but I got to let other people know my blog anyway. I want to thank Jianshuo for his blog too.

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