The Heart of the City is in Theatre

It was quite some time before I saw another exciting drama in Shanghai. About 6:20 PM, when I was in a discussion with a very experienced person in the classified industry, Wendy sent a SMS to me: “How abuot drama tonight?” It is a good idea. Although it means I won’t have any chance to grasp dinner, it well worth it. At rush hour, I never expect the traffic be good, especially when it is combined with a Friday.

Today is the first day of the city to really enter summer. Well. I don’t know how to say it in English. In China, there are some seasons, and the hottest season in summer is called “Fu” or “伏”. Tomorrow it is forecasted to be 7 degrees higher than today. As of English writing, I checked how Alan de Botton describe the established of winter as the first sentence at the Art of Travel:

It was hard to say when exactly winter arrived. The decline was gradual, like that of a person into old age, inconspicuous from day to day until the season became an established, relentless reality.

He uses very simple words but described beautiful scene of the gradual arrival of winter. Summer is the same.

The drama tonight is called “The Protein Girl”, adoptted from a novel with same name. The show was wonderful and I encourage everyone to go there, but if you don’t understand Chinese, well, maybe wait for another. It is just so funny, and the lighting and music was wonderful.

At a theatre, in dark and watching the live show emphasizing and highlighting the details of daily life helps to relax.

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  1. The Protein Girl

    Le dernier film de Wong Kar Wai (2046, In the mood for love, Chungking Express) vient apparement de sortir à Shanghai. The protein girl est une comédie romantique tiré d’un livre à succès en chine. Le réalisateur Hong Kongais à décidement très bon…

  2. As reading your blog, reading your life. I start wondering how can you manage your time so well? As a director of kijiji, a person who keeps writing a blog every single day, and also occasionally gives speech in university, moreover quite often produce a thoughtful article in your Chinese blog…

    I would be very expecting to read an article about your way of managing time someday.


  3. Yes, I have same feeling, when I read an artical about your blog, I began to surf on your website. I can not believe that you insisted for about three years. Amazing!

    I also want to how do you manage time and write an artitle just about story of daily life which we ignored most time.

  4. “Fu” is the day to enter hotter day not summer.July 15 is “First Fu”,the follow are “Middle Fu” and “the third Fu”.The firsr day to enter summer is “LiXia”,the solar term special in China.

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