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Shanghai is famous for the strong execution power of the government. I read about the eCommunity Center project on newspaper. It was reported that 400 eCommunity Center will be built in the recent 3 years to help people who do not use Internet to gain access to the Internet. 100 of such centers have been built and they offer FREE Internet access for all the community members. They are equipted with computers and staff to help people get online. This is a good idea.

I visited some eCommunity Center today. It was impressive.

Most eCommunity Center were located in very good residential areas like this:


Zhi Yin Community in western Shanghai

They are typically an empty room just like other residential apartments, but with computers. Here is the entrance:

Door of the eCommunity Center

The backdrop of the center with name and logo on it.


Entrance of the eCommunity Center

This center is relatively smaller, so they only have few computers in this room and will have some in the other.

Computers of the eCommunity Center

The other eCommunity Center was of shop functions that they can deliver the goods when people order online (but what I heard is 90% or more orders still comes from telephone).

Shelf of the eCommunity Shop 365

To be honest, I was really impressived by those information center – it is a big step to leverage the IT technology to change people’s life.

11 thoughts on “eCommunity Center in Shanghai

  1. Jian Shou, would you please translate ‘the strong execution power of the government’ into Chinese? Are these centers funded by the government? thanks.

  2. Can you please provide a list of the eCommunities? We are looking for housing and are interested in living in a compound like that…thanks!

  3. Good to hear that as well.

    Most newly built esidential area had high speed Internet conection to each apartment in south China, like ShenZhen. This indeed is a big step and very constructive for helping more and more people access the Internet.

    I am imaging maybe one day there are no more oldely people playing Taiji at 6:00am in the park, instead they are writing a blog about Taiji in this kind of E-community. :-)

  4. I think ‘the strong execution power of the government’ means that the goverment of Shanghai can drastically executed what they decided.

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  6. It is ironic that people and kids who most in need of free internet access are not those living in these “nice” apartment complex, I am sure people living there can afford their own broadband connection.

  7. If most eCommunity Center are located in “very good residential areas”, are they really useful to ordinary people?

    What does wo need most? Useful or just beautiful?

  8. hi Jian Shuo,

    This is a great public initiative. Do you know how we can find out where these centres are? Is there a list somewhere?

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