Bought iPod Mini as Gift for Wendy

Wendy is happy today, since I bought her a Apple iPod Mini.

I am happy today too, since Wendy is happy. :-)

I further realize money won’t make people happy, but gift will. Gift will make two persons happy.

The iPod

I cannot believe how popular iPod is in China. We went to the iPod Reseller at the Metro City, and it was crowded there. About 6 customers are pushing each other at the desk to get a chance to experience iPod. The price for the iPod Mini is 1650 RMB (around 199 USD).

iPod seems to have a magic for people around me. I am not a big fan of music, nor is Wendy, but since Wendy is so passionate about Podcast these days, and she is expected to get on board the UA858 to Seattle soon, the 12 hour battery time is just enough for the long and boring flight. :-)

26 thoughts on “Bought iPod Mini as Gift for Wendy

  1. Been reading this blog for a while, nice work, Wang Jianshuo! Looks like they are selling ipod mini in China for about the same price here in the U.S. I can’t believe how much money Apple is making, well, actually, I can: every accessory is optional! I had to shell out almost as much $$$ as ipod itself to get power charger, FM transmitter, dock, cover case…and the list goes on…and I am not even using iTune! Good thing I got this baby for free during the promotion from Citibank… $2500 checking account deposit for a free (yep, that is right) ipod mini. I wonder what the second most popular MP3 player in China is since Apple is so dominating now (I actually use a Move from Creative -nice player, by the way; I gave that bipod to my dad)…

  2. Going to sell my mini iPod when I get to Shanghai…surprised that no Chinese makers have duplicated iPod yet…or has there?

  3. Considering that 1650 RMB is probably about the average weekly wage in Shanghai, it is very expensive. I believe iPod is being made in China. They should have been sold a bit cheaper there. But China just has so many people that even a very small percentage of the population can always represent a huge demand. There is no needs to lower the price when selling goods in China. The Starbucks, Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut and Häagen-Dazs all are selling their stuff in China at the similar prices in US. Although they became luxury brands in China, their places are always full of customers. With the average local labor cost that is lower than 25% of cost in US, it seems that those companies are making much better profit in China.

  4. Wang Jianshuo, hi! I haven’t been around in a long time but I’m back! It’s really interesting how many products are made in China, then shipped to the US base of the company, and then shipped back to China. I know Apple does this and in the past when I bought a Palm in China, they did the same thing.

    As to JH’s point, I actually think the iPod prices have dropped considerably in China since Christmas, because as I remember it, they were unbelievably expensive.

    In any case, I am sure Wendy will love her iPod. I can’t imagine going anywhere without mine…

  5. Dear Wang Jianshuo,

    I ran across your blog while searching for info on China, on the internet. I am a college student and I have to write a paper on e-commerce and it’s impact on China. My point is that I think people in china have been able to start home based internet businesses and sell “whatever” world wide, or nation wide, on the internet and thereby improve their income. Is this statement true. Are there a lot of small internet businesses in China, even large ones? Owned by Chinese citizens? Can you direct me to a sight with more info?

    I have found a lot already, but not enough to prove my thesis statement.

    Thanks for your help.


  6. ohh.. 1650??only 1650?I saw mini ipods being sold at around 2500 . Can you post the address of the place?i’m not familiar with Shanghai yet.I’ve got no idea where Metro City is.

  7. haha…why is everyone saying ipod/Apple is so wonderful? They are great too but let’s give Wong Jian Shuo a hand for being such a sweet and thoughtful guy to his wife :-) What a great gift! I’m sure Wendy will love it!

  8. hahaha aline, i believe that metro city is the larger mall in xjh. when you take line 1 metro to Xujiahui you can follow the signs from inside the station. there is a large geodesic dome-looking structure in front of the mall. there are actually three malls there. for the record, I believe you will generally find better prices in the smallest mall, just to the… north? i believe? of the metro city mall. though, i forget whether they have a crapple dealer in that mall ;)

  9. Hey, thanks for your help Wang. Now I know what to write about the people in China. By the way do you know what “wang” means in english?


  10. Yea, Apple has been advertising its iPods all over Shanghai. I comapred the iPod to other MP3 players and ended up going for the Creative Zen Micro instead which IMO is much much better in sound and other aspects. Retails at around RMB1600 as well. Wangjianshuo, u sure you got the iPod mini at RMB 1650 (fantastic price mate) or was it the iPod shuffle?

  11. Don’t know if you guys in China are aware of this, but apple recently lost a class action lawsuit, and are forced to pay owners of IPOD (1G-3G) cash or credit about 25-50 dollars in USD to all owners who wants it. Lawsuit was on behalf of all people in U.S. on the fact that apple mislead people on the battery life of their ipods.

  12. I’m shopping around for an I POD mini while on holiday in Shanghai, and my daughter has gone crazy with the prices here. At Parksons, they’re selling original i Pod minis 4MB made in China for just 1000 Yaun. Good deal….I’m buying one this afternoon….

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