Vacation Ends

I feel embarrased for paused my English blog for three days. It was the longest pause in the recent year. Part of the reason is because of the May holiday, which was from May 1 to May 7, the other reason is the launch of my Chinese version of my blog.

When I just started my blog, English blogs get much more attention than Chinese one. Now, the situation seems to be different than two years ago. I wrote 4 articles, and all of them stayed in the portal of Donews (Alexa rank around 1400) and 365key (a Chinese version of for one week. The traffic to my Chinese blog raised from almost zero to 2000 page view everyday. Although it is still a small portion of my total traffic, it is quite surprising to me.

To maintain two blogs are not easy, but let me try it. The rule is simple: English one will continue to be the best first hand information on Shanghai – from the view point of daily life, and Chinese blog will focus on Internet technology and the venture I am taking – Kijiji.

I will keep the two blog balanced, with a little bit more focus on the English one – the one I have committed my last two and half years of my life.

P.S. Congratulations to the marriage of Hong-Wei, my former manager in Microsoft, and Grace, my good friend. Their wedding ceremony is so wonderful.

P.S. Shanghai holds the world champainships of Table-Tennis during the May holiday, but it didn’t affect my life in any way – I didn’t see a report on it (maybe because I am off town) from newspaper or TV, and I didn’t see any traffic from it.

14 thoughts on “Vacation Ends

  1. If you ever decide to abandon your English blog completely, I will simply have to learn to read Chinese! Glad you enjoyed your Spring holiday :-)

  2. I know that Kijiji is established in several cities around the world but may i suggest you something?

    apparently it’s based on CraigList but THE feature that make craiglist very good seems to lack in Kijiji : the RSS feed !

    In CraigList, if I search a job in NY, I just add the RSS feed to my agregator, and i’m sure that i will see every ad in this categorie!

    RSS is really a great feature for ad site.

  3. Carroll, please be assured that I will NOT abandon my blog WITHOUT discussing with you. :-) Just kidding. Seriously, i don’t think there is a reason for me to abandon it. I will still keep it as the best public service for visitors and local expat community in the years to come!

    Speedyop, I do agree RSS is critical to the success of a classified. We are working on it.

  4. another things, since Kijiji is localised and want to gather a soirt of community, why not propose an english version of the site even for shanghai city, that will gather the expat community, and i’m sure that they will be glad to buy or sell furnitures as they arrive or leave the town.

  5. I guess the partial motivation for Jian Shuo to do such a good job is that he knows there are countless readers from around the world will come check this site frequently. Without readers, sure, it’s darn hard to keep on. Am I right, Jian Shuo? :-)

    The English site is very informational. But I feel better reading your Chinese blog ’cause I feel as if you come closer to me.

  6. world champainships of Table-Tennis .

    you said you didn’t see any news on TV or nespaper about it????

    it is unbelievable. as I know all the country’s media were focusing on it…….

  7. speedyop, there are enough people proposing the same idea. However, I still need to think about the market size. Anyone has any idea on it?

    jqian, yes. The reader is the source of power for me to stay late at night to post everyday. I post many ideas on Internet on my Chinese site and got big attention, but I am very clear about the positioning of the two sites: the English site is the place I provide *public service* for all people coming to Shanghai for non-Chinese speaking countires/regions (it is useful for people in China too). It is my duty to keep it as long as I can. It is also in return to the great things and moments the city and life granted me.

    Leady, maybe I am only the 1% who are ignored. Anyway, I was not in Shanghai and I do not watch TV often. That may be the reason why I was not reached by the news.

  8. I know maybe you ignore this game.

    You know Pingpang is the most important & popular sport in China, so this game has plenty of fans. Though I am not in China , I also can see the headline in every Chinese site. When I was in China I watching TV very often :)

    you let me remind the past times when I played pingpang with my friends in school and watched the Olympic games with my family….5555555

    I thought you are in SH. btw it is my first time to visit your blog. Can you tell me a lot about yourself?

  9. Now I know a lot about you.

    I thought you were in US or europe’s Microsoft before…

    I am from Jiaozuo Henan : ) nice to meet you Jianshuo. I will come here as frequently as I can and good luck with your new position!

  10. I know you can make it maintaining your two blogs.Both chinese ang english blogs are good,although i’m still studying chinese language for about a month.Goodluck and keep sharing your thoughts.

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