Thanks Everyone!

I am back from SFO trip to Shanghai (three days ago), and I joined another meeting and they don’t have Internet access, so… sorry for the pause of blogging these days.

I am still very excited about the trip, and feel so happy to have great friends in the bay area. I know I have a very long list to thank. Here is the abbridged version.

First of all, thank RC, Yumi and all the great persons in eBay for hosting me and showing me around. I had great time to meet with all the people I wanted to meet, and learnt so much – much more than I expected.

Special thanks to Carroll and Jim for inviting me to dinner at their beautiful house on top of the mountain. It was a very unique experience for me. I had great time there. The moment that we observe the airline landing toward the San Jose airport is a permement part of my memory in San Jose.

Thanks Tom and Andreas from BVCapital for inviting me to BV. I enjoyed the very interesting discussion we had on Friday and Saturday. I am so happy to meet Mathias, Yann, and Christian. Thanks for Yann to invite me to the sail boat and wish Christian recover soon.

Thanks to Chris from Rojo to host me in Rojo’s office and gave me the thorough introduction for Rojo. Chris was so kind to arrange my Six Apart tour. Thanks Mena, Ben, Barak and Ginger for your time with me. I also like to thank Charles and Jim from to share your great ideas and to come to my meetup. I love their slogan “Wireless Hello” very much. I weared their great gift , Jambo T-Shirt, today!

5 thoughts on “Thanks Everyone!

  1. In the end, the making of memories is what it’s all about! Thanks back to you, Jian Shuo, for sharing your warm heart with so many of your far-away friends :-)

  2. Welcome back, Jian Shuo! It’s good to know you had a great trip and you do have a lot of great friends too from all over the world! Keep it up! :-)

  3. Hi, welcome back. I visited your exhibition yesterday, but pitty not all the pictures were on show. Will go there again tomorrow. Good job.

  4. Glad you made it back to Shanghai safely Jian Shuo! It was great having you out here. Look forward to seeing you in Shanghai soon. Perhaps we can have a little Italian food and some lettuce/carrots when I’m there. ;)

  5. hello,

    welcome you back .your blog is nice.I like the article for shanghai city or for U.S..

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