Met with Dr. Weigend

I met with Weigend, the former Chief Scientist of in Shanghai tonight. It was a great experience to talk with them on the new ideas around blogging and social software. I totally agree his two principles on new generation of software: 1) Fast Feedback 2) Low threshold for participation. Dr. Weigend believes with tags and analysing of user’s behavior, we can create something very new. I agree. He took a picture of us with his Palm and send it to Flickr. :-)

3 thoughts on “Met with Dr. Weigend

  1. Hi Jianshuo, you and Weigend looks nearly alike !

    (and The Palm takes bad photos :-(

    I’ll check out the Flickr later, sounds interesting…

  2. I met with Weigend over 2003 ICML in D.C. We chatted in the lounge of the hotel for a while, and he was quite an interesting guy (should I say) in an unusual way, in any cases, very friendly.

    Later, when he gave the keynote speech for KDD’03, I knew for the first time that the hottest search query on is “vibrator” at least as of the time he gave the speech. Hehe … I didn’t know if everyone else who attended such an academic-oriented conference, particularly ladies, might feel such revelation appropriate; but I feel that talked a volume about his personality.

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