L’Invitation au Voyage

Claire, Edward and I put our pictures together and said: “How about we open a personal photography exhibition in Shanghai?” It was about two months ago. So, an exhibition named L’Invitation au Voyage came out. It will be held on the Suzhou Creek from April 1 to April 31.

Invitation to our Exhibition

Name of the Exhibition: L’Invitation au Voyage (Claire thought of the name)

Venue: 1 Floor, Building 8, Suzhou Creek Art Area, 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai

Time: April 1 to April 31, 2005

We will also host some forums on blogging during the events. It is open for public, free of charge. We will put an donation box at the entrance.

The next exhibition will be in August 2006.

Why the Exhibition?

The exhibition is one of the three major personal projects in 2005. I told everyone that “Treat it as behavior art instead of photography art”. The core value of the exhibition is to inspire people and ourselves that anyone has the power to hold an exhibition.

Just like blogging gives any individual the power to express themselves, personal photography exhibition gives the power to any individual. The point is, I am not a photographer. My friends are not. But we want to find a way to express ourselves. The way is very rare in Shanghai – personal photography exhibition. I can expect more and more people do it in the years to come. With the emerging of professional personal exhibition service, the cost to do it will decrease dramatically and everyone can afford it. I feel what I am doing is just as I started blogging in 2002.

Be the First

I believe it is a remarkable event for our life and even for the art in Shanghai. I don’t know the result of the exhibition yet, but it is definitely something I’d like to try. I also believe it is something I can remember when I grow old.

The Logistic

Last Friday, I called my friends: “Hey. Do you guys still planning for the exhibition?” At that time, we have nothing but the idea. All our answers were positive. So we went to the Suzhou Creek the next day to rent an warehouse with 50 sq. meters. The monthly rent is less than 2000 RMB. It is nice. Then we put our photos together. We will have a wall with about 1000 photos of any kind, without thorough selection, just to express the experience of our travel. We also put on about 30 well selected photos and hang them in nice frame, under spot light. It is almost impossible for me to spend time on this these days. Thanks Edward and Claire to take care of details. Wendy and Hacky are also helping. We may spend about 6000 RMB for everything – the rent (2000 RMB), the printing (2500 RMB), the frame (1500 RMB), the administration and transportation. At the very beginning, we put in our money , but would like to find some ways to cover it. We accept donation. We also plan to sell some of the framed picture to raise fund. More details of the exhibition will come out soon in either Edward or Claire‘s blog. Wendy already wrote two entries [1], [2]) about it.

Help Needed

Yes. We need help. If you are a blogger, write about it. Our target is to recruite 50 bloggers writing about this event and record how they think about it. The inspiration is more important than the exhibition itself.

17 thoughts on “L’Invitation au Voyage

  1. Jianshuo,

    That will rock! Will definately go and check it out. A collage of random pictures seem to be somthing stand out, since the art scene here in Shanghai is all about what’s really carefully planned and to look good for the hip and fashion crowd and stuff like that. Shanghai needs something down-to-earth!




  2. An admirable endeavor! Bravo!!!

    I solute to your taking initiatives, thereafter following up persistently and endurely to achieve your goal.

    It is such a pity that I am not right now in SH, otherwise it would be my pleasure to pay the exhibition a visit and get to know you guys in person!

  3. but April does not have a 31st:-)

    very much impressed by the move, and look forward to the event.

    my original comment could not be posted because my url ends with dotinfo. Is this a glitch? Hope it be fixed soon.


  4. I will surely go there !

    I hope that this exhibition is better, and different, from than the young german expat’s exhibition a few months earlier, around the corner near Sofitel at NanjingDongLu. That had no meaning at all, only faces and buildings in odd angles. Everyone can do that.

    Can you make some short explanations of some of your preferrred photo impressions, then it would be just great :-) (And the donations will be easier to provide…)

    See ya !

  5. Hi Jianshuo,

    That photo exhibition sounds great! I wish I was still in Shanghai to see your interpretation/photo-blog(?) of it. I remember walking down huai hai road with digital camera in hand, snapping shots of people and life in the city. There’s so much energy in Shanghai. Hope to go back someday. Until then, your blog will be my eyes and ears.

    All my best,

    Gary (Los Angeles)

  6. So exciting! I admire you greatly for having the thought of starting a new and interesting project like this now that your blog project is going along so smoothly. If you keep on doing one new and important thing every year or so, think how much of a difference you will have made in the world by the time you are an “old man”! :-)

  7. Interesting! Once I saw an blogger called you a “IT behaviour artist”, a new spot this time…definitely will check it out myself…

  8. jianshuo, I got a idea . How about make a virtual exhibition at the same time on Flickr, It should be the first Personal Photography Exhibition goes to Ditial version on Flickr.

    For raising Funding:

    1. Virtual Exhibition to attract people’s small piece of donation – Via Paypal

    2. Selected Printing for sell, Tags may help a little bit. :)

    Personally, I would like to donate and for sure the story could goes to Boingboing or amount others.

    Tell me What you think?

  9. Dear Sir,

    My name is Udayan S Pal. I am an ameture photographer residing in Kolkata – India.

    The reason i am sending this mail to you is because i am a collector of Brochures related to Photographic Exhibitions. I am in the process of creating a Brochure Archive of Photo Exhibitions around the world. To this effect i would like your help. I would appreciate it very much if you could send me the brochures/Flyer/Synopsis of your past, future and ongoing photographic exhibitions. I only collect Brochures.

    My address is:

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    Looking forward for your help and prompt response.

    Best regards,


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